Godfall Will Ask Us To Ascend With A Nice Little Eclipse


A new teaser for Godfall has dropped to give off a very small bit more for the world of Godfall still yet to come

There has been a huge lack of news for Godfall over the past few months with only minor bits being released here and there. Maybe this is because Counterplay Games is holding off for some big reveal here with a different show or maybe it is because Gearbox Publishing is trying to build some kind of hype with it all. No matter the case, there has been very little officially out there for Godfall and now we can add slightly more to it all. Slightly in terms of another thirty-second spot that gives us a look at a basic weapon in the game. So very exciting…

If you direct your gaze a bit lower down, you will see the latest for Godfall in terms of a sunsteel blade in the game called Eclipse. A design that would seem very impractical in the real world but looks cool for a virtual one. It also looks like this could be used by the character they teased us with last time as the color and art scheme flows a bit together. It could also just be one of the random things we will get to loot in Godfall and be pretty much nothing. I am just ready to finally get some official gameplay to dive into here and enjoy. Is that too much to ask for?

Godfall — Eclipse

Ascend with the Sunsteel blade, Eclipse.

What are your thoughts on how Godfall content is being shared out there? Do you suspect they are holding off for one of the bigger gaming events to take place digitally this year? Do you think this will be part of Silvermane's arsenal or will it be something we can all enjoy no matter what we are playing? Let us have all of those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to share for Godfall, obviously we will add it to the site. Just be sure to keep checking in for when we have real gameplay to show.