Choice And Consequence Is Everywhere In Wasteland 3


The latest developer diary for Wasteland 3 is here to explain how our choices will have consequences in Wasteland 3

August is still so far away for Wasteland 3, but that does not mean we do not have some new things to look at and take in for the game. It may not be the most interesting for those who would rather just be playing right now, but it is something to show off how inXile Entertainment is working with things here. Things like the choice and consequence feature in Wasteland 3 to keep us on our toes and expecting various different outcomes along the way in the game. Just as a good title like this should have so we keep coming back for more with each new update.

As one would assume here, this feature in Wasteland 3 will have us making choices along the way in the game and then dealing with the outcomes. Not only in the way of dialog but also actions in the game, as those will help shape the world and its inhabitants as we progress through the story here. Not only in subtle ways but also ways that are a bit more in your face to make you feel bad for making evil choices or feel great for going down the good path. The better part of it here is that Wasteland 3 does not sound like it will always be the better of two bad options or choosing a good option to get a bad consequence. I am fully intrigued to see how this flows in the final game to keep it all feeling new and unique with each play.

Wasteland 3 — Dev Diary #3

Player reactivity is the hallmark of a great roleplaying game, and Wasteland 3 is doubling down on choice and consequence. Brian Fargo and Senior Writer Nathan Long cover the depth and breadth of that reactivity, and how the game is being designed to respond to however players choose to play.

Are you fully ready for Wasteland 3 or do you need a lot more to get you on board? Do you like that not all good choices will have bad outcomes as many other games use to make us feel like we are always in the darkest timeline? Will this shape how you play the game or will you always be a murderous piranha in your video games going for the best loot and body count? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When we have more to share for Wasteland 3, it will be on the site. Just keep checking in for all of that and more.