Silvermane Is On Display Here For The Upcoming Godfall


The first real character for Godfall is shown off with a very slight tease for Godfall that might bring us much more

Most of us have been waiting to see more for Godfall, at least legitimately, for most of the year here. There have been a few things that have claimed to be leaks out there, but nothing officially from Counterplay Games or Gearbox Publishing to show off this upcoming PC and PS5 title. It was one of the first to get the announcement for the next-gen systems, but we have yet to see any gameplay. In terms of that for Godfall, we are going to still be waiting. As for the first character to be truly shown off for the game, we now have a little teaser for Silvermane to take in. We assume this will be a playable character.

There is not too much to it all here besides a nice swoop and look at the character in Godfall, but it is something. More so when you look at the armor and design the character wears. The name suggests something along the lines of a lion theme, and as you can see, it fits. Also Silvermane feels a bit more like a medieval knight too. Maybe this is how he will function in Godfall. Hells, that is even if it is a 'he' under it all. The build suggests that, but we could be way off. This only a slight tease and maybe we will get more this week when the PS5 event fires off.

Godfall — Silvermane

Be lionhearted and ascend with Silvermane.

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Godfall arrives on PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games Store in holiday 2020

What are your thoughts on the character here for Godfall that we have? Do you agree with what I am saying for the look and feel or could I be way off? Do you suspect we will have a deeper dive into the game here during the PS5 event or will they be building up to their own announcement during these times now? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to share for Godfall, you know we will share it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for that and much more.