Marvel’s Iron Man VR Is Letting Us Test Out The New Suit

Iron Man

A demo for Marvel’s Iron Man VR is here to enjoy with us taking on a few of the minor parts of the game in the Iron Man armor

Here we go with a nice turn of events, as it looks like we are getting a demo for Marvel’s Iron Man VR for us all to enjoy. It will help hold us all over until we can play the full version on the PSVR once Camouflaj gets it out to us on July 3rd. That is the hope, at least, as it looks like the demo is dropping on us as you are reading these words. Yes, the demo for Marvel’s Iron Man VR is out there in the store and ready for those that have a VR helmet and Move controllers to spare for it. Classy move if I do say so myself.

The demo for Iron Man VR looks like it will house all of the same portions of the game that we have seen from the various press events or conventions since the game was first announced. Not a small feat to have out there as it was a massive big of content when looking at a demo. It also will serve as a reminder that if you do not have a PSVR system, you might be missing out on a few things out there. Also, a good time to throw down for the bundle that will score you the hardware and software in one single move. Then you will be certain to take to the skies as Iron Man in just over a month from now. If you are missing out on the demo and all.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR — VR Immersion (Behind The Scenes)

PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle and PlayStation Move Bundle coming on July 3, 2020!

Sit down with the development team and learn how they've built an original Iron Man universe within Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Stand on the helicarrier bridge and come face-to-face with iconic characters, such as Nick Fury, and use the PlayStation Move motion controllers to take control of Iron Man's armor and abilities.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR — Demo Trailer

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Demo available starting today!

Experience the game before it arrives on July 3, 2020!

The demo includes:

  • “Malibu” tutorial mission
  • Interactive Stark Jet cinematic starring Tony, Friday & Pepper Potts
  • “Out of the Blue” Stark Jet gameplay mission
  • Flight Challenge optional mission
  • Advanced Combat Challenge optional mission

Did you expect that we were going to get a demo for Marvel’s Iron Man VR this soon or did you think it would have been next month? Will this be the bundle that gets you to throw down for the hardware or are you still holding off for the next-gen version of it all? Have you had a chance to experience all of this before and now are excited to see you can do it again right now? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When we have more to share for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, we will do so here. Keep coming back for all of that and more.