A New Breakdown Is Out There For Hardspace: Shipbreaker


The next developer breakdown for Hardspace: Shipbreaker is here to give us a better feel for how Hardspace will feel unique but the same mechanics in the game

If you have been looking for more on Hardspace: Shipbreaker, then you came to the right place as we have the next developer diary to take in. This time it is all about how Blackbird Interactive made the game feel unique with each new ship we are taking apart while still using the same game mechanics with each one. We are working a virtual job in Hardspace: Shipbreaker here so things would feel repetitive but things need to be mixed up to keep it interesting. We will find out for certain here on June 16th when it goes to Early Access on the PC. All so we can make sure this is the actual case before it goes over to the PS4 and Xbox One later.

To do all of this in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, they are mixing up the innards of some of the ships and the various things that are broken inside to keep it fresh. It makes sense as the outsides can look the same but the crews that used the ship could have handled things differently. All of it makes sense and was a bit expected here so it was not the same over and over. Not many would really be interested in Hardspace: Shipbreaker if it was just another job simulator just in space. We usually need video games to get a break from that kind of life in the real world. Maybe that is just what I look for in my video games, though.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker — Webseries | Ep 2 — The Breakdown

In today’s episode The Breakdown, Blackbird Interactive explores the tools, ships and systems of their sandbox spaceship salvager with all-new gameplay footage and info. With next-generation physics simulation, Hardspace: Shipbreaker allows you to cut and destroy at will. This allows you to carve entry points into procedurally-generated ships, avoiding deadly obstacles, and salvaging valuable materials. Upgrade your tools and unlock new perks to take on harder contracts in an attempt to pay off your monumental debt — to the very company that hired you!

Was all of this expected for Hardspace: Shipbreaker or did you think it was going to be monotonous before now? Do you think that things will constantly feel the same along the way or will they have been able to nail it down well enough to feel unique? Would you want to go to a virtual job after a real job or do you use the escape the same way as I do? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. For more on Hardspace: Shipbreaker, be sure to keep coming back here. We will keep the updates flowing out there for all of you and more.