Marvel’s Iron Man VR Is Taking Flight This Coming July Now

Iron Man

The new release date for Marvel’s Iron Man VR has been set down and we will be able to become virtual Iron Man this coming July

Another of those delayed video games out there has its new release date out there, as it looks like Marvel’s Iron Man VR is coming to the PSVR in July now. This was one of the many titles that saw a shift in release due to COVID-19 as Camouflaj had to shift their development to make sure everyone was able to stay safe and working on the title. Thankfully, it looks like they were able to get back on track with a quickness as the new release date for Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be July 3rd. A bit of a delay, sure, but nothing that was as crazy as it could have been.

There is not much else added to this announcement for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, sadly, but there is the promise of more to come. They do have a few months to give us something more to look at, so I have a feeling we will have more during their state of play videos yet to come. That is my thought about all of this and we could all be pleasantly surprised and we could have more Iron Man than we could have wanted before this new date. Time will only tell and we will have to just wait and see. Just be glad that we will have a new virtual escape from the world this July.

Did you expect to be able to become Iron Man this soon or did you think that we would have to wait a lot longer than this? Do you suspect that we will have more outside of the planned events or will that be the perfect vehicle to announce it all? Will this get you to buy a PSVR or are you still waiting for a different title to get you into it all? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. When we have more to offer up for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, you know we will have it here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much more.