Death Stranding Shows Off How Its Ultrawide Support Will Look

Death Stranding

A new look at Death Stranding's ultrawide support on the PC is here to let you see what you might have been missing the first time in Death Stranding

Thankfully, June 2nd still looks to be the date that Death Stranding will be hitting the PC out there and now we have a look at how some of the new features will look there. Well, more one feature as the Photo Mode is out there in the wild already that Kojima Productions has been working on. That would be the ultrawide support that we heard about for Death Stranding only for the PC version of it all. Something I am sure some of you out there are looking forward to, but after seeing it in motion I am not too letdown that I did not get to experience it on the PS4 version already.

As you will see here if you have a system and setup that will allow it for you, there will be a bit more to see at all times in Death Stranding and not just the standard views we all had already. The video here does not show much that we would have missed in general, but I can see that it would be helpful in instances where the enemies are about and you do not want to have to worry about rotating a camera here. Just as I figured, this was a feature for Death Stranding that was not going to blow minds, but it is something some of you look for. Have a look down below and take in the little bit extra on both ends you will soon be getting.

Death Stranding — PC Ultrawide Support Showcase

Ultrawide monitor support aims to enhance the Death Stranding PC experience for our players by offering an increased level of in-game immersion. Take a look at what you can expect in this short clip from our friends at Kojima Productions!

Were you looking forward to Death Stranding getting this feature on the PC version or was it one of those 'meh' features only some will love? Do you see a solid benefit to this at all or will it only be useful in specific instances? What other features are you looking forward to in this version of the game and will it make you pick it up again? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. For more on Death Stranding in general, be sure to keep checking inn here. We will keep it all flowing out there for you.