It Looks Like South America Is Coming To Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo

The next DLC for Planet Zoo is set down to come next week and we will soon get to enjoy the fun of Planet Zoo: South America

We are going to have a bit more to experience in Planet Zoo, as we have a new bit of DLC announced and given a release date for it all. That would be April 7th for those out there that have enjoyed what Frontier Developments has offered up on the PC so far. There have been all kinds of animals added into the mix so far and it looks like Planet Zoo will just be expanding more and more. All while giving us a chance to experience all kinds of zoos all over the world from the safety of our homes. Something a bit more needed now than ever.

This new DLC will add all kinds of new architecture to play with when building our zoos in Planet Zoo. All with the South American themes we should be expecting. That is not usually the big draw here, though, as it is the new animals we all want here. Those animals being the Jaguar, Capuchin Monkey, Giant Anteater, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, and Llama. All with the unique attributes and mannerisms that Planet Zoo has been able to offer so far and a bit of s difference between the cousins of the animals that are already out there. Not too shabby for those that need a solid outing and animal fix.

Planet Zoo — South America Pack

Planet Zoo: South America Pack invites players to escape to the lush tropics and craft their own jungle paradise with five iconic new animals, and over 250 new building, scenery, and foliage pieces to choose from.

The beautiful Jaguar, mischievous Capuchin Monkey, unique Giant Anteater, wonderful Red-Eyed Tree Frog, and friendly Llama are the latest arrivals to join the impressive menagerie of authentic animals in Planet Zoo. Budding zoologists will need to learn to care for the individual needs of their new additions, as they balance animal welfare with conservation efforts, and research new facilities and enrichment items to ensure a healthy, genetically diverse zoo.

For those who like to let their imagination run wild, Planet Zoo: South America pack offers the chance to build the jungle trek of their dreams, recreating impressive lost civilization architecture, using bamboo and thatched pieces to create wonderful structures, or letting nature playfully take over by utilizing the extensive new selection of foliage.

Are you excited to see where we are going to get to go in Planet Zoo or did you want a different set added in here? Which animal is your favorite out of the mix or are you still waiting for that to get added in? Would it be interesting to see them go with a "mythic" location and set for the game or would rather it all stay in the real world? Let us know all of that down in the comments. When we have more for Planet Zoo, you know we will add it here. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more.