The Signifier Is Coming To Have Us Solve The Unconscious


It will soon be time to solve the unconscious with The Signifier, with The Signifier being the latest tech-noir mystery title announced

We will be getting to add one more fun and mind-bending title to the list of them on the PC with the announcement of The Signifier. The next title to be heading to us from Playmestudio that will have us questioning all kinds of things in our own heads. That and some of the bits that are on the fringes of the world while trying to solve so many other puzzles. Oh, and with some fun jump scares mixed in for good measure. Even if The Signifier is not being touted as a horror title right from the get-go. It is not what it is at its core, at least…

The announcement trailer we have here does not do much to state that either, but the text of it all does. Given that The Signifier will have us taking on the role of Frederick Russell who is an expert in AI and psychology. Someone who is also working with a device that records our unconscious mind and all of the senses. I am going to guess it will play them back to so we have all of the weirdness we see here for The Signifier to play around in. Have a look and get ready for something that looks to be a true mind-bender along the way. I know my interests have been piqued…

— A Tech-noir Mystery Game Coming Soon to PC - Announcement Trailer

The Signifier is a first-person tech-noir mystery adventure that blends investigation, experimental psychology, and artificial intelligence.

Players step into the role of Frederick Russell, an expert in AI and psychology, and the main researcher behind an experimental deep brain scanner called the Dreamwalker. Its controversial technology allows the exploration of the recorded senses and unconscious realms of the mind. He finds himself thrust into a spiral of intrigue when asked to use his creation after the vice president of the world’s biggest tech company turns up dead in her apartment.

Explore the real and surreal worlds, become immersed in fringe psychology, solve puzzles, and find the truth.

Key Features

  • Three coexisting dimensions to explore: reality, and the objective memories and subjective dreams in the mindscape.
  • Move between realms to solve puzzles, unlock new dialog branches, and unravel the mystery.
  • Learn psychological concepts to use powers and tools for navigating the strange and unpredictable unconsciousness.
  • Every challenge is part of the mystery that creates unique moments with no filler.
  • A multi-layer narrative that spirals into a complex web of real-world intrigue as surreal suspense.
  • Get immersed in thought-provoking tension, free from jump scares.
  • Question the implications of AI, intrusion to the consciousness, privacy, and whether we see the world as it is or a subjective creation of our minds.

How are you feeling about The Signifier based on what we have thus far for the game? Does it look like it will be a walking simulator in a weird land or will there be much more that we have yet to see here? Do you think it will lean more on the Sci-Fi side of things or will there be some greater horror mixed in instead? Let us have all of those thoughts and comments down below, then feel free to keep the discussion going. When we have more for The Signifier, we will update the site with it all. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that.