Review — HELM TWS


We sit down and review the HELM TWS earbuds. Another set of Bluetooth earbuds that offer up great audio. Will this be your next gaming earbuds?

When it comes to gaming, there is always a good press for audio as it can make or break the best or worst of games. There is also a nice push for things to offer up a bit more freedom, which is why we move towards items like the HELM TWS earbuds. Granted, not all of us go for the earbud path as I do. That does not change the fact that I had some time to sit down with the HELM TWS earbuds to put them through some paces. Both in a traditional sense and towards gaming avenues where it was possible. Here is a review on how these little devices hold up to some of our higher standards.


HELM TWS — Review

To kick things off in one of the bigger issues I had with the HELM TWS earbuds comes down to the length of use that I was able to get out of them. This is in terms of battery life for those who may not have caught on there. They boast about three to three and a half hours of use per charge. Something that never felt like it would make it through or connection issue arose when battery life was below half. More on that in a moment. There were a few times where I found the battery being drained out after just over an hour of use and that was with the HELM TWS earbuds connected to my mobile device and nothing that might require more effort to stay connected. Sure, this could be mitigated a bit with the charging case offering up to a total of fifteen hours of charge before needed to be plugged in but that is not something that is easy to do in the middle of a gaming session or in the middle of a workout.

Building from that, as it only seemed to be an issue after an hour of use, but there were a few connection issues that the HELM TWS earbuds fell prey to during my time with them. Rarely outside of the charge dropping a bit, which was great, but there were many times that I thought my other hardware was glitching out instead of the audio just cutting out. It was as if they were sacrificing the Bluetooth connection resources to make sure something else was still running in the earbuds. Again, sometimes after only an hour or so of use. I guess one could take that as an early charge warning, but it is more distraction and makes one want to head back to traditional methods over the freedom that could be provided by these earbuds.


HELM TWS — Review

Now that the gripes are out of the way, it is time to focus on just what the HELM TWS earbuds did well and was expected from the get-go. That is, that the audio quality of the device has to be some of the best I have ever come across to date. Everything that came out of the earbuds during my time was always crisp and clear when it came out. It was mindboggling to realize the level of quality and clarity that could come out of these tiny devices. At times it felt as if there was a full sound system surrounding my head. When compared to other earbuds I have used, it was overly impressive and easy to get lost in the sound, music, and audio that was getting pumped into my ears. All of which was something I was worried that the HELM TWS earbuds would not be able to hold up too.

Another interesting key point I found with the HELM TWS earbuds was the level of, for lack of a better term, immersion they allowed for in the various aspects. As a gamer primarily, this is a huge thing when trying to hear specific audio queues in games or getting lost in the atmosphere of the other worlds. This seemed to be done with a bit of noise-canceling or just how well they fit into my ears. Some could see this as a huge issue given that they seemed to block out all outside noise, but it works so very well for what I use them for. Take that as a bit of a warning to be careful when out and about with them on, but when sitting in the safety of a gaming chair, it is one of the best features to come across with these HELM TWS earbuds.

HELM TWS — Review


All in all, the HELM TWS earbuds offer up some of the best audio quality I have come across to date when it comes to non-sound system setups. It always felt like I had the most audio power at my disposal from getting lost in video games or to pretend to be at a concert via a live album I chose to listen to. They were always great to get lost in these ways. If only the battery life lasted longer in them for my particular tastes. Sure, if you do not plan on using them for the same long stints as I do, you will never come across those issues but it is worth noting as a drawback. More so if you plan on using them for long trips or anything where pulling them out to charge would be inconvenient. Not that all earbuds do not have this issue, it just seemed to be a bit more on the short side when compared.

I give the HELM TWS Headset 35 Clicks on the Click scale.


The unit was provided by Dirac Research for review purposes.