Survive The Dread Once More With DreadOut 2


DreadOut 2 is coming this month and you can get a quick look at what DreadOut 2 will house for us when it drops near the end of the month

It is always interesting when games get a quick turnaround from announce to launch and it looks like we are getting that here for DreadOut 2. A title that will be dropping on the PC via Steam on February 20th of this year. I am sure that Digital Happiness has been working on the game much longer than we know, but here we go with the official announcements of it all. Also, the very short time to wait before we can get into the horrors that DreadOut 2 looks to hold in there. Even if it does look like it would be better fit on other systems or devices to truly immerse players into the horror of the game. Maybe in the future or something…

If you have not heard of the DreadOut title as of yet, do not worry, you are not fully alone. This one looks to be a third-person action-horror style game that places us behind a cellphone camera to hunt down and banish all of the ghosts in the game. The trailer here kind of shows this off along with some of the traditional ways we normally fight off horrors in these kinds of games. It may look like a lower budget style of game when you look at it that way, but sometimes those are the best in story and gameplay. That should be what it is all about instead of visuals. Then again, we will find out here soon for DreadOut 2, as we only have a few weeks to wait.

DreadOut 2 — Official Trailer

A unique take on third-person action-adventure survival horror with Indonesian supernatural in veins. Mixed gameplay of city exploring, DreadOut style smartphone ghost hunting and new action-packed battle within DreadOut supernatural world. Even though is a Horror game in veins, but with the touch of silly high school problems, satiric social commentaries, and yet touchy memorable moments, DreadOut 2 will become a fresh take on the survival horror genre.

Key Features

  • Non-Linear Survival Horror
  • Exploration is the heart of DreadOut 2. We want to take another step to enrich our way of non-linear storytelling through different key elements.
  • Explore sleepy lil’ town, night and day to solve terrifying urban legends that haunt within.
  • Interact with various unique NPCs both human and ghosts.
  • Considerable amount of side quests and hidden stages and bosses written and design based on our Asian/Indonesian urban legends
  • Experience tons of interactions and activities.
  • A huge collection of ghost lore under our Ghostpedia are waiting to be discovered
  • Action Horror
  • Banish them all! DreadOut style ghost hunting is back
  • Delve deeper in DreadOut supernatural world with the new action-packed battle mechanic.
  • Battle hideous bosses that roamed in the supernatural world.
  • Survive further using any available melee weapons throughout Linda’s journey.

What thoughts for DreadOut 2 do you have after seeing all of this here? Do you think that it will hold up in the gameplay or story area to distract from the visuals? Could this have worked better in other platforms to make use of real-world actions to get the same results in game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to share for DreadOut 2, it will be added to the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking in here and on all of our social media platforms as well.