The Nemesis Is Stalking The Streets Of Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil

A new trailer for Resident Evil 3 is here to show off more of the characters and horrors we will face in Resident Evil 3

We all knew the Nemesis was going to be back for Resident Evil 3 and getting a new look to him. It would not be the same game at all if we did not have him stalking the streets and in turn us in the game. That is why it is almost no shock that Capcom has offered up a new trailer to show off the character and how he will look and act in Resident Evil 3 here. Something that many fans have scoffed at based on the concept art before now and only tried to figure out how he will finally look here. Now we no longer have to speculate and can see him in motion just before the April 3rd release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In addition to the Nemesis here, we also get a bit more of a look at some of the other bioweapons we will have to dodge in Resident Evil 3 and some of the supporting cast of U.B.C.S. members in the area. These would be the people Umbrella sent in to help cover up the original breaches from the past titles for those not fully up on their Resident Evil lore. All of whom have a nice little update to them and a bit of a shift to go along with this remake. You do not need to take just my word for it and see them all in motion below along with some stills to get a better look.

Resident Evil 3 — Nemesis

The new trailer and screenshots also provide a closer look at more of the characters in Resident Evil 3:

  • Brad Vickers — He is one of the sole survivors of the Mansion Incident (depicted in the original Resident Evil) and helped with investigations into Umbrella Corp. As one of the last surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City, he’s also in Nemesis’ sights.
  • Mikhail Victor — The U.B.C.S. commanding officer is a leader with years of military and commanding experience. Mikhail was seriously injured in his team’s mission to evacuate survivors from Raccoon City. Despite his dire circumstances, he still does as much as he can to help civilians and his platoon. It is his compassion to save Raccoon City’s citizens that convince Jill to help their cause.
  • Nicholai Ginovaef — This U.B.C.S. team leader is incredibly resilient, cold and calculating, willing to make the necessary sacrifices for the mission and his own benefit. Nicholai dismisses Jill as a “bleeding heart” who will get herself killed.
  • Tyrell Patrick — This U.B.C.S. member is a seasoned veteran specializing in hacking and disabling security devices. Tyrell provides invaluable support from behind the lines.
  • Murphy Seeker — This U.B.C.S. member and former U.S. Marine is an exceptional sniper. Like Mikhail, he also gets seriously injured during the Raccoon City mission.
  • Dario Rosso — A civilian Jill encounters in a warehouse in uptown Raccoon City who is reeling from the shock of losing his family. Dario rejects Jill’s pleas to escape the crumbling city.
  • Hunter Enemy — Both Jill and Carlos will encounter this terrifying new monster in Resident Evil 3. These bioweapons were created by combining the genetic material of humans and reptiles, creating an incredibly fast and powerful adversary.
Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot
Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot
Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot Resident Evil 3 — Screenshot

Does this get you all amped up for Resident Evil 3 now or do you still need more to get that ball rolling? How do you think Mr. X will work in here after the nice little tease at the end of the video? Do you think that the story will make a bit more sense here than before or will we just get the horror-action we have all been waiting for and damned be the story of it all? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss. When there is more to offer up for Resident Evil 3, we will have it all here. Just keep checking in on the site for all of that and much more.