New Details For The PlayStation 5 Came Out Of CES Along With Its Logo

PlayStation 5

The official PlayStation 5 logo was revealed during CES this year as well as a bit more on the PlayStation hardware features

Time for some of the lease interesting news to come out of CES today, as it looks like we now have the official logo for the PlayStation 5 to look at. It was all shown off during the Sony Press Conference that opening the show this week in Las Vegas, NV. During part of the show, Jim Ryan from Sony took the stage and gave us the most generic logo that could fit the PlayStation 5 imaginable. Not that it is a bad thing at all, but it is not something that will blow our minds. It is just like all of the other logos in the past.

You can see the logo for the PlayStation 5 just below as well as the details for the system that Jim Ryan went on to describe for the crowd. Sadly, it may not be much in the way of anything new for those who have not been following along for the PlayStation 5 since it was officially announced. There was talk of the 3D audio, adaptive triggers for the new controller, a faster SSD, ray-tracing, and an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive in the mix. That and the reiteration that the system will still be launching this coming holiday season.

PlayStation 5 — Logo

Jim Ryan also spoke briefly about some of the features of the PlayStation 5, including 3D audio sound, adaptive triggers for the new controller, a faster SSD to improve loading times, as well as ray-tracing and an Ultra HD blu-ray drive.

PlayStation 5 — Features

What do you think about the logo for the PlayStation 5 that we have today? Are you at all surprised that they stayed with the same look and feel for it all or were you hoping for some vast change to it all? Does it even matter and it will come down to the games and how they play on the new system? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. We will obviously be keeping a close eye on the PlayStation 5 and all of its updates. Be sure to stick close to the site here for all of that and more.