Final Fantasy VII Remake’s New Looking Intro Has Leaked Out

Final Fantasy

The intro for Final Fantasy VII Remake is here for us to look at and get our Final Fantasy VII nostalgia fired up just before launch

There have been many reports out there that there is going to be a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo for us all to experience before the game finally launches on March 3rdfor the PS4. Some say it is just an image they saw on a website or store, but others have actually been able to lay hands on it outside of Square Enix. Thus giving it all a bit more credibility that it is going to be coming. The latter there is the bigger focus as it has given us a new video to look at that houses the intro for Final Fantasy VII Remake to take in and see how it all looks to be flowing at this point.

If you look a bit harder out there, you can find some of the actual gameplay for this Final Fantasy VII version but we are only going to hook you up with the smaller of spoilers for now. Just the intro and not much more. Something that weirdly looks and flows how I remember it from so long ago. Even when I know the visuals and character models have changed, it all gives me that same sense of wonder and awe that I remember when spinning up Final Fantasy VII the first time. Have a look if you would like and see just what I mean. Even after having played the demo during E3 last year, this still shows me more to be impressed with for the game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake — Demo Intro

The demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake has leaked out there and we have a nice look at the into to the demo that will most likely be what we see in the final game on March 3rd for the PS4.

Did you get that same feeling as I did for Final Fantasy VII here or is your mind still filled with the crummier graphics from so long ago? Do you think that this was one of the goals of the team and not just to remake one of their best titles for nostalgia's sake? Do you think that is also why the game is split into "episodes" just as it was split across discs before? Let us all know your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will keep the updates for Final Fantasy VII Remake flowing out there as best as we can. Just be sure to keep checking in here for all of that and much more.