Welcome To The Deadlands Of TerrorMania Of RAGE 2


RAGE 2’s next expansion is now out there and ready for us to walk into the Deadlands that are within RAGE 2

Get ready to walk into the land of the dead in RAGE 2, as the next DLC is here and ready for us to download and take on. This would be the big TerrorMania one that we have heard of in the past that Avalanche Studios has been working on that will add a whole new shift to the world in the game. A shift into a new dimension that will be opened up in the most metal way ever. You know, that old trope of playing a record backward to summon up evil. Would we really expect anything less of RAGE 2 at this point with all of the fun it has had since it launched on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC? No. That is the answer you are looking for there.

You can get a taste of what is coming to RAGE 2 here just below with the launch trailer for the expansion. For those out there that still like their lists, we are getting the alternate reality maps to go to and run around in, new dead/undead enemies for us to take on, and a powerful new sword to use in the game. Something that also doubles as a cursed-gate opening key in RAGE 2. More or less, we get to use what looks to be the DLC MacGuffin to slice and throw enemies all over the place. It looks like a new blast is to be had in the game and I know I will be downloading it here as soon as I get the chance.

RAGE 2 — TerrorMania

RAGE 2’s latest expansion, RAGE 2: TerrorMania, is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players can dive in now to explore the Deadlands, the twisted and cursed alternate reality of the wasteland. Slice down skeletal goons with a powerful new sword (that doubles as a cursed-gate opening key) and discover warped versions of familiar locations as well as brand new locales. Track down fragments of the shattered NecroDisc and shut the gateway to this alternate dimension for good.

RAGE 2: TerrorMania is available on all platforms, downloadable from the in-game store for 500 RAGE Coins ($5). Players can also pick up a special TerrorMania Digital Deluxe Upgrade for 1750 RAGE Coins ($17.50) which includes:

  • RAGE 2: TerrorMania expansion
  • Cult of the Death God mission
  • Reaper Assault Rifle weapon skin
  • Wasteland Celebrity Phoenix vehicle skin
  • Mutant Monster Truck vehicle skin

Are you ready to head back into RAGE 2 with this new DLC or will it be sitting by the side until you get a better break in life? Do you like the new sword we will be using here in the DLC or will you still go back guns again? Do you think the map will be something truly new or will it just be a skin slapped over the basic maps of the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more to share for RAGE 2, we will obviously share it all here. Be sure to keep coming back for all of that and much more.