Days Gone Is Getting A Death Stranding Bike Update

Days Gone

The BBs of Death Stranding are invading Days Gone with Deacon’s bike in Days Gone getting an addition mod added in

It looks like you might have one more fun reason to dive into Days Gone again if you have stopped playing it for other titles that are launching now. As the headline and image above has shown off, it looks like Bend Studio is celebrating the launch of another PS4 title, Death Stranding, with a new update for the game. The new update will be bringing with it a few new alterations that can be picked up in Days Gone. One of which will be adding the option to change out the gas tank of Deacon's bike with the BB tank from the other game. A nice bit of cross-promotion for those still having fun with the older title and not looking fully jump in with the new one just yet. I know there might be a few other there like myself that are still waiting for the new one to ship out and loved the other.

This is not the only bit of crossover for Days Gone here as there are a few other additions in there with other bike tanks, decals, and a frame paint to be unlocked. It is all free so we cannot truly knock it for now. It just seems like a bit of waste to wait until the other title launches to add them in here. I do not know many other gamers that will be looking to go back to Days Gone just for this when they have the new game, but it is out there and you can see what it will look like just below if you are holding off or had a delay in shipping. Maybe that is why?

Days GoneDeath Stranding’s BB On A Bike

Will this update have you driving around Days Gone again or have you already moved on from that game or the other? Do you think this Death Stranding promotion should have happened earlier on or does it make sense to have now? Is this video enough to get you to go back and download again or is this video enough to show you what is going on so you can just wait for the newer game? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is anything further to share for Days Gone, it will be on the site for you. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and more.