Planet Zoo Is Ready For Us To Start Building & Showing Off

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is now out there for all of us to enjoy and we now see that there will be an East Asia theme added into Planet Zoo too

Just in case you missed out on it, Planet Zoo is now out there on Steam for all of PC gamers to head out and enjoy. Not that it was a big secret or anything hidden until now but I am sure that some of us needed the reminder that we can all join in the fun now. I am sure it is something that Frontier Developments will be glad for as well now that it has left its Beta test and we can experience Planet Zoo just as they wanted and with all of the bugs worked out. That is the hope of course. Gaming has changed so much that I am sure we will still be seeing patches and updates to the game as we head out, build our own zoos, and expand.

Along with the release comes the usual launch trailer for Planet Zoo to help entice those outliers just a bit more to throw in and pay for the game. It shows off more of the gameplay we have seen before, as well as show off that we are getting an East Asian theme to mix in for the fun. This adds in Giant Pandas, Chinese Pangolins, and Flamingos into the mix of the 70+ animals already. That and a new gondola attraction to use in Planet Zoo to keep the patrons all entertained in the mix. We need to make the in-game money somehow and if the animals are not enough, then we have all of this too. I will not knock it for now and just aim to enjoy it all.

Planet Zoo — Launch Trailer

From the creators of Planet Coaster comes a new, deeper and more powerful sim with Planet Zoo, available now. Players will travel the globe on a quest to build the most awe-inspiring zoos and learn to care for a menagerie of authentic living animals who think, feel and explore the world around them. Whether building piece by piece or upgrading an existing park, Planet Zoo’s Franchise, Career, Challenge, and Sandbox Modes present endless opportunities to hone their management and building skills.

Over 70 animals will be available to create the most challenging, magnificent and diverse zoos, balancing animal welfare and conservation efforts with visitor enthusiasm. Budding entrepreneurs can finesse the balance sheet as they tackle everything from staff costs, to building maintenance, ticket sales, and guest donations, while aspiring zoologists can juggle researching new facilities, enrichment items and habitat customizations on their quest to create the perfect zoo.

Today’s launch trailer also revealed the East Asia theme, new animals including the Giant Panda, Chinese Pangolin, and Flamingo, as well as other attractions such as the gondola. With over 70 animals at launch, six biomes, varied weather types and a full night and day cycle impacting everything from zoo management to animal welfare, players will develop their skills and knowledge along the way in a variety of challenges.

Planet Zoo features both offline and online play, with weekly and monthly Community Challenges offering budding zoologists the ongoing chance to test their skills, trade animals online at the Animal Market with other players to maintain a healthy, genetically diverse zoo or share zoo, habitat and decoration blueprints with other players.

Are you already in for Planet Zoo or do you still want to wait and see how others are enjoying it all? Do you expect to see many more animals mixed into the game along the way or will we only have a few more during its run? What animals do you want to see added into the mix that has yet to be announced thus far? Let us all know down in the comments. Be sure to keep checking back in on the site for more on Planet Zoo and many other video games out there. We will keep the updates and news coming at you as fast as we can.