The Insight Project Aims To Help Us Understand Mental Health Through Gaming

The Insight Project

A new project, The Insight Project, is in the works with The Insight Project aiming to give many more an understanding of mental health through gaming

Not too long ago, we had an amazing title from Ninja Theory that dove right into some of the mental illness and mental health things out there. All more in terms of helping with awareness and giving some out there a viable platform to show off to others what they are going through. Maybe you have played Hellblade or maybe you have not. Either way, it was an amazing look at it all and has sparked another passion project for the team as we have word of The Insight Project in the works and aiming to dive further into all of that and more. No, it is not specifically a title or experience as of yet, but The Insight Project is something that the team is heading into with many from the previously named title and others jumping on board to help.

So, what is The Insight Project if it is not a game? Well, from the sounds of it, this is the moniker that the team will be using as they build the hardware and software to help craft what the end goal it. That, from the sounds of it, is that they are looking to build a controlled environment to help study and understand certain aspects of mental health. Also to give many the similar things that Hellblade offered up in terms of coping with certain illnesses as well as a platform to show to others to better understand. More or less, it sounds like The Insight Project is taking the core concept behind the game and turning into a platform to help many out there. Something I can fully get behind here based on what little has been shared so far. Have a look at just what the team is aiming for right below.

The Insight Project

Announcing The Insight Project, an exploratory project with the aim of treating mental suffering and encouraging mental wellbeing. The Insight Project is expected to take shape over several years but is being announced early to encourage an open and transparent approach to its development.

What thoughts do you have about The Insight Project based on what we have so far? Do you think it will be something that will help us all further in terms of mental health for research and understanding or will it be something that the general populace will scoff at? Do you think that this could truly push forward research and understanding or will the stigmas and lack of insight always be a thing in this world? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss away. We will be keeping a close eye on The Insight Project and how it progresses. Check back here for more on it as the updates come out as well as what our take on it all will be.