Diablo IV Officially Announced & Hell Is Now Coming


Diablo IV has been officially announced out at Blizzcon and we will soon get to see the Diablo franchise live on in its Hellish ways

The rumors are no put to rest as Diablo IV has been officially revealed to the world during Blizzcon and we can see how horrifying it is going to be at the end of it all. In terms of actual horror and not a slight towards the work the people over at Blizzard are putting into the game. Totally different things to look at here. Let us get back to focusing on Diablo IV and just about what it will be bringing to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC when it finally launches. Something that we are still waiting to nail down even though we have some solid looks at just what the game will be about as well as how it will look.

The first thing we have up here for Diablo IV is the official announcement for the game that the world has been given. In the usual manner for the developer, we have a long nine-minute cinematic to show off in all of its glory just to tell us a bit of what is going on in the game's world. It all obviously takes place after the events of Diablo III and we have new threats coming about. Due to a huge power vacuum left behind, a new and ancient evil is coming back to reign over the world and lands of the living. All because of some greedy fools that were pulled in and sacrificed. It is a really cool video to watch. Site down and get ready for a fun and dark ride here.

Diablo IV — By Three They Come

Diablo IV takes place many years after the events of Diablo III, after millions have been slaughtered by the actions of the High Heavens and Burning Hells alike. In the vacuum of power, a legendary name resurfaces.

While having a nice and long cinematic is fun, what Diablo fans really want is a good look at how the game is going to play. Something that we have to follow up with right here. It also shows off a bit of the first three character classes we will have to choose from in Diablo IV as well. Nothing too fancy as of yet as we have the Barbarian, the Sorceress, and the Druid classes so far. Each of which being fairly self-explanatory by name. The Barbarian being the strong and melee type, the Sorceress being the magic caster, and the Druid being a mix of both with the ability to shapeshift into various wild beast to help along the way. It is a vast step forward for the franchise in general and I am sure you have already skipped along to press play on the video.

Diablo IV — Gameplay

In Diablo IV, players will attempt to bring hope back to the world by vanquishing evil in all its vile incarnations—from cannibalistic demon-worshipping cultists to the all-new drowned undead that emerge from the coastlines to drag their victims to a watery grave. For the first time in the series, Sanctuary will be a contiguous, seamless landmass comprising diverse regions ranging from the burning desert of Kejhistan, to the verdant werewolf-infested forests of Scosglen, to the harsh and rugged wilderness of the Dry Steppes.

At BlizzCon, Blizzard revealed the first three of Diablo IV’s character classes, all playable at the show:

  • The Barbarian, known for their unparalleled strength and brutal melee combat, utilizes a new and more powerful system in battle, Arsenal, which arms them with the ability to carry and rapidly switch between four different weapons at a time by assigning them to individual attacks.
  • The Sorceress hearkens back to their Diablo II roots and shapes the elements to obliterate their foes by impaling them upon jagged spikes of ice, electrocuting them with bolts of lightning, or raining flaming meteors from the sky.
  • The Druid is a savage shapeshifter whose updated playstyle empowers them to fluidly transform between a werewolf, werebear, and human form to unleash the raw power of nature’s fury on the forces of the Burning Hells.

These three iconic characters honor the legacy of the franchise and exemplify how Diablo IV builds upon the series’ history by preserving the core Diablo fantasy while allowing players to explore untapped gameplay possibilities with fresh inspiration. Players will be able to experiment and discover countless character builds through customizable talent trees and skills, a deep loot system filled with legendary and set items to collect, runes and rune word combinations, and even personalized mounts for traversing the open world.

Have you been able to recover yet from the announcement of Diablo IV or do you still need a few more minutes? Do you think we are going to get more of our favorite classes back in the game here or will we be stuck with a few more basic ones to start? Did you expect to see the new "big bad" as we did here or did you think it was going to be a recycled version of one from the past? Let us know where you are in your head down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. There will be much more for Diablo IV, I am sure, and we will have it all here on the site. Be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much more.