MediEvil Will Have Us Filling Up So Many Chalices With Souls


The next chapter of the MediEvil’s Bonehead’s Guide is here to show us why we will need to collect so many souls in MediEvil

Tomorrow, October 25th, is the big day where we all get to dive back into MediEvil and see just how the game should have been made years ago but the hardware was not near where it is now. Even without the subtitle of Remaster, that is about what we are looking at here from Other Ocean when it comes to this game. It is why we have been treated with some nice little gameplay trailers to remind us of some of the core gameplay aspects of MediEvil we may have forgotten over the years since it first dropped. Obviously, the PS4 is going to allow for some new things but it is nice to have a reminder of the past aspects. Just as we have here the day before launch.

In the latest Bonehead Guide to MediEvil, we have a dive into the chalices we will need to fill up in the game to unlock some fun new things in the game. These would be the indicators on each level to show off how many corrupted souls we have taken in the level. To my memory, it is also a "level complete" style of mechanic that will unlock nice little extras for us to progress through in the game. Things like new weapons and armor that we can place on Sir Daniel in MediEvil. You know, the little things that keep us gamers wanting to search out the whole level of things and keep replaying levels well after moving along. You can get that nice little recap just below or wait to see it in action tomorrow.

MediEvil — Filling One’s Chalice

If you’ve got your beady eye on some fancy new weapons, you’re going to need to fill your cup 🍷

With the last installment of A Bonehead’s Guide, you’re ready to become the hero of Gallowmere when MediEvil arrives on Friday

Are you completely ready for MediEvil to hit us or do you need more recaps like this to get you fully ready? Do you think this will be the full version of the game that the developers wanted to bring us so long ago or will it just be a launching point for more titles in the IP? Will you be aiming to fill up all of the chalices in the game or will you just hammer through each level to get the full story instead? Let us have all of those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then feel free to discuss away. If there is anything else for MediEvil, we will add it to the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back for all of that and more.