PlayStation 5 Is On Its Way To Us In The Holidays Of 2020

A new update for the next PlayStation is here and we can look for the PlayStation 5 to come at us next holiday season

We all knew it was coming and now we can confirm that the PlayStation 5 will be on its way to us by the holidays of next year. About the same style of timeline we have had with each of the others in the past and it is happening yet again. Just in 2020 and with the latest console that we have been given so little bout to date. Even with this new announcement, there is still so little known about the PlayStation 5 and just what it will bring. That also does mean that we have a little more to take in and understand for the system as we sit and wait for the bigger and showier announcement that will be coming at some point.

Outside of this new window, the PlayStation 5 will be aiming to have more of the graphical options and updates out there run off the GPU instead of via software fixes. The system will also look to go with an SSD for storage with physical disks still being shipped out for titles if we so wish. Something that will interestingly allow us all to install only parts of the PlayStation 5 games as we wish instead of the whole thing. More in terms of only the single-player or only the multiplayer if that is how we want to roll. Not to mention that it will have its 4K Blu-ray player mixed in for that style of entertainment too. You know, the basics.

There is also word that the PlayStation 5 will have a new DualShock controller that will house a couple of new features. Things like new haptic feedback and the ability for developers to code around trigger pressure as well. Again, not too many details outside of that, but it is still all something we can look forward to playing within the not too distant future. Maybe even in the coming months if they are truly going to start ramping up the PlayStation 5 for a launch around the timeline laid out. I guess we will all see and start planning our holidays accordingly.

Are you at all shocked that we will see the PlayStation 5 next year around this time? Do you expect there to be massive leaps forward in the hardware or will it be just the same setup with the latest and greatest for the console market? Do you think that the new controller will offer up some great things to gaming or will it all still be a bit too gimmicked to be of any use? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more for the PlayStation 5, we will have it all updated on the site. Be sure to keep checking back in for each of those updates and much more.