Trover Saves The Universe Is Giving Us Some New Important Cosmic Jobs


Free DLC for Trover Saves The Universe is coming out for us all so we can further explore the universe set up for Trover to explore within

If you were looking to have more to go back to for Trover Saves The Universe, then you have barely a few more hours to wait before you get a nice batch of DLC crammed right into your eyeholes. That all seems fitting for all of this. More so when you find out that this is all a nice FREE batch of DLC coming at us from Squanch Games to have us put the VR helmets back on and dive back into this unique universe. That is if you enjoyed that little rascal Trover the first time around with the Oculus, Vive, or PSVR. The humor and universe are not for everyone. Then again, if you clicked in here you are most likely the kind of person this game was originally made for. Let us continue.

As you should have gathered thus far, Important Cosmic Jobs is the upcoming DLC for Trover Saves The Universe that can be downloaded for free tomorrow October 8th. Or now depending on the time zones you may be in. In this new DLC, we will get to travel to and explore Trover's workplace and the various other jobs he has to undertake. Not to mention dealing with his boss and all the not-so-depressing aspects of his real life. Something that should be much better than the one we are currently in. Unless this too is all a simulation and we are going to be enjoying the new minigames, trophies, and original sketches made just for this game via the DLC. Here is a short sample of what to expect. Although, if you have the game already it may be worth just downloading and experiencing without any of this.

— Free DLC

And now we’re releasing the DLC, Important Cosmic Jobs, for FREE! You’ll get to explore Trover’s workplace, meet his weirdo colleagues, and deal with his insane bosses. It’ll be just like real life! Only less depressing!


And less depressing!

You’ll also get to collect new power babies, watch original sketches, and play Space Slam. You don’t know what that is, so I don’t know why I’m mentioning it, BUT IT’S FREE!

All of it’s free! Hours of new content for FREE! FREE! FREE! (unless you don’t own the game, in that case, you’d have to buy the base game and then this DLC would be FREE!!)

Trover Saves The Universe — Important Cosmic Jobs Trover Saves The Universe — Important Cosmic Jobs Trover Saves The Universe — Important Cosmic Jobs
Trover Saves The Universe — Important Cosmic Jobs Trover Saves The Universe — Important Cosmic Jobs Trover Saves The Universe — Important Cosmic Jobs

How are you feeling about this DLC that takes us further into the inner workings of Trover here? Did you expect it all to be a bit on the mundane side given that it is free or is this going to be the quality work from all involved yet again? Will we have to do some insanely boring jobs during all of this or will we just get into the same style of play we have experienced already? Let us know what you are thinking here and then feel free to discuss it all down in the comments. We are still keeping close eyes on Trover Saves The Universe and will bring you any and all updates that we can get our hands on for it. Be sure to keep logging back into this reality to be able to see and hear all of it.