We Will Need Some New Protection When Roaming Around MediEvil


A new Bonehead’s Guide to MediEvil is here to give us a quick rundown on how we will be using shields and protecting ourselves in MediEvil

The crash courses for MediEvil are coming now that we are weeks out for the release of the game on the PS4. It has been a while since we all have played the original title and there have been some changes over time, so it makes sense that we would get something like this along the way to help build up Other Ocean's new release. Of course, they are a bit more basic than normal for information about MediEvil, but it does give us a little more of a look at the game if the demo that is still out there has not given you enough yet. I guess there is a good reason for all of this. We will need to see.

The first of these new "guide" videos for MediEvil is here to give us a little more the shields we will use in the game. Seeing as I never had a chance to experience this in the demo yet, it makes a bit more sense to have a quick rundown of it all. Obviously, we will have them in the game and each will have their own "health" level. We can use the shield to defend against enemies in MediEvil as well as to absorb some of the damage from traps we encounter. If there is a way to "heal" them is not discussed, but they will be back and usable in a manner we could have all expected to see. Have a look at the new short talking all about it.

MediEvil — Using One’s Shield

MediEvil — A Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere — Using One’s Shield

Have you had a chance to play with shields in the MediEvil demo yet or is this something new to you here? Do you think we will be able to repair any of our shields or will they always be temporary and vary in how much damage they can take? Did you think that the game would have skipped this feature here or is it too core of an item to have skipped? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When there is more to share for MediEvil, it will be shared here. Be sure to keep checking in for that and much more as we get closer to the October 25th release date.