Treat Your Eyes To Some Amazing New System Shock 3 Gameplay

System Shock

There is some new gameplay for System Shock 3 to show off more of where System Shock 3 is in terms of still pre-alpha footage

Get ready for a nice little treat today as we have new gameplay for System Shock 3 from its latest pre-alpha build of the game. All of which comes from the latest teaser that Otherside Entertainment has opted to give us too. Take note of all of that I have said here as it is a short tease for System Shock 3 from a pre-alpha build so none of this may be what we are going to get in the end. Obviously, this is how it is going to be until we get the final build on the PS4, Xbox One, or various PC platforms. For now, we just need to be happy.

Even though it is a short tease for System Shock 3, we do get to see more on how the levels and world have been built out for us to enjoy. Also a very little bit on some of the enemies we will face in the game among other bits. It looks nice and creepy and just as we should all hope the System Shock 3 to have progressed through to date. I only wish we had more to share for it all besides this little bit. Maybe we will have a longer and uncut version to dive into soon. That is usually how all of these teases go is it not? That is how I would like to think in the long run for now.

System Shock 3 — Pre Alpha Gameplay Teaser

Here is some new pre-alpha gameplay footage for System Shock 3!

What has been your takeaway for the latest we have for System Shock 3 here? Do you think this is anywhere close to what we are going to get in the end or is it all a tease and nothing more to remind us that it is coming? Could this all be to get us ready for a larger dump of information out of the next big convention? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on System Shock 3 and many other video games, be sure to keep checking back in here for it all. We will be sure to keep it all flowing as best we can.