Project Resistance Has A New Tease That Points Us In A Direction

Project Resistance

The upcoming Project Resistance has another tease just ahead of TGS to give us a better clue towards what Project Resistance will be

There have been rumors and speculation as to what Capcom had going on after their last big Resident Evil title and it looks like Project Resistance is it. Not something that is too shocking given the way things have panned out for this title and how the internet goes. There is still a massive thing slated for TGS this year where Project Resistance will be defined better and most likely get a full name change, but for now we have to wait. For those finer details at the very least as here we go with the first real tease out there for the game.

Yes, we have a tease for what Project Resistance is going to be and it looks like the speculation is right with a team-based survival horror experience. Not that shocking given that we have seen a few of these in the past, but here it looks like it is going close to another Outbreak style of game from years ago. You might remember that as the time they tried to do a four-player co-op shooter with various characters to survive through the beginning of the events of Resident Evil proper. The trailer for Project Resistance and description pin point that just a bit more and shows that we may be following along a younger group of survivors instead of the usual military types.

Project Resistance — Teaser

A brand-new team-based survival horror experience is coming.

What are your thoughts toward what Project Resistance is going to end up being? Do you think this is their attempt to do another Outbreak game or will they be going down a different path for us all? How well do you think it will pan out in the current market or could this all be a ruse for something we have never experienced before? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and speculating. We will keep looking at Project Resistance and bringing you everything that we can. All you need to do is keep checking back in for that and much more.