Darksiders Genesis Re-Introduces Us All To War


War is back in Darksiders Genesis and we have a new trailer to get us all reacquainted with the main Darksiders character with a little more gameplay

I hope that by now that you know that War is going to be back in the mix for Darksiders Genesis. If you did not, then where have you been as Airship Syndicate has been extremely upfront on that as well as Strife getting his introduction to the franchise in a full way now. It is kind of the core to Darksiders Genesis so it would seem odd if you did not know that. None the less, War is going to be one of the main characters in the game again and we have a new look at the man here. It seems odd to have do it again, but I guess in a world of remasters and re-releases we should just be used to it all by now.

In the latest video from THQ Nordic for Darksiders Genesis, we get introduced to War and just what he will be bringing into the game. Well, at least in a minor way. There is not much in the way of a lot of gameplay here and more of the same looking CGI we have seen from the original Darksiders title. The character has not changed much over the years, but it does look a lot like the same footage we have had from before in those terms. Have a look and see just how the character will look and a little bit of how he will flow in the game. It is not much, but it is something that many fans out there will enjoy it.

Darksiders Genesis — Introducing War

War, the Rider of the Red Horse, is both honorable and savage. The youngest of the Four Horseman, but his age is no indication of his experience on the battleground. He has battled countless enemies with his furious weapon Chaoseater and the protection of his impervious armor. Always by his side is Ruin, War's phantom steed. Ruin is both mighty and graceful with its blackened coat and fiery hooves and mane. War was wrongly framed by Abaddon for starting the Apocalypse too soon and was imprisoned for over one hundred years by The Charred Council. Well, at least he has beautiful long and white hair. Without split ends.

In Darksiders Genesis you can choose to play either War or his brother Strife, and head into combat side by side in two-player cooperative mode. The story takes place before the events of the original game when Lucifer, the enigmatic and deceptive demon king, plots to upset the Balance by granting power to master demons throughout Hell. If you are a melee type of gamer, War is your (gauntlet) left-hand.

Do you still remember that War was from Darksiders or are you going to be completely new to this franchise? Do you think it all looks like footage from the original title here, for the CG, or is it all new for you too? Does any of that matter and you will be jumping in for the fun of all the gameplay we have to see here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Darksiders Genesis, be sure to keep checking in here. We will have much more as we get closer to launch, so be on the lookout for that.