Maneater Is Jumping Out With Some Public Gamescom Gameplay


The gameplay for Maneater that was behind doors at E3 is now out there during Gamescom to help us all understand Maneater a bit more

Back at E3, I had the pleasure of seeing some new gameplay for Maneater to get a better idea of just what is going on in the Shark-P-G title here. There was a nice little write up about all of that and the little bits more that Blindside Interactive and Tripwire Interactive had on the floor for us all. Words are nice, but I know the audience here and how they all like to have some actual visuals for their games. It is why we have to poach from other sites so we can make sure we keep you all happy and up to date on Maneater. That is why we are back today to show you about what to expect when the game hits the PC next year.

While what we have here is not the exact same demo of Maneater, it does hit on all of the aspects we brought up before. Except that you do get to see the baby shark version here and a bit of a better flow for it all. We get to see a bit on the evolution of the shark and how Maneater will also have real-world facts mixed in for the fun of it all. Other than that, you do get to see a bit on the other Apex Predators we will have to take on and the "dead body cove" mission we mentioned before. Have a look now and see what you may have missed out on based on just our words alone.

Maneater — The Shark Souls Of Open World Shark Games

Have you ever wanted to be a shark? Of course you have, and great news, because that's exactly the premise of Maneater. You go around eating people, doing flips, biting stuff, and generally being a very bad aquatic predator.

Do you have any new thoughts for Maneater now or will you need more to be able to form a final thought? Do you like that there will be real-world facts mixed in to show the truer side of sharks or will it just be background noise for you? What other Apex Monsters do you think we will have to face besides the one we see here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will have more for Maneater here on the site. Just be sure to swim back in to see and hear all of that as it comes.