Gamedec Has Been Revealed Just Ahead Of Gamescom


A new cyberpunk-themed RPG, Gamedec, has been announced with Gamedec aiming to bring isometric gameplay in 2020

Cyberpunk seems to be the new hotness in the video game arena, and now we are back with yet another in the genre with Gamedec. This would be a new title coming out of Anshar Studios on PC via Steam that will take us into a different world where we will need to clean up everything with our detective skills. I think. It is hard to gauge for Gamedec based on what we have here. Outside the reveal trailer telling us it is an adaptive, isometric, cyberpunk RPG. That and the little bit else we have to go on from the trailer and screenshots revealing this all just before Gamescom kicks off. As developers are want to do.

What we can learn here for Gamedec is that we are a detective in the 22nd century in Warsaw City. It is our job to crack down on those using cheats and exploits for their own gains in these virtual worlds. It is hard to tell what any of that actually means and as far as the actual gameplay shows, it is also a bit unclear. There is no doubt that Gamedec does look and feel the part of Cyberpunk. You can get a better feel for what I am talking about by just looking a bit lower down. That is where you will get to see all of the fun while still being a bit on the confused side.

Gamedec — Reveal

It’s Warsaw City in the 22nd century, and thanks to the existence of virtual worlds, "reality" is a relative concept, and "life" and "death" have many meanings. New worlds, however, give rise to new problems. Desire, jealousy, greed, and lust for power are ever-present. Many things have changed, but human nature is not one of them. That’s why society in the 22nd century needs Gamedecs – detectives who handle frauds, crimes, and conspiracies committed in virtual worlds. Child slavery in F2P games, the suicide of a professional player – cases like that are what they deal with on a daily basis. In the new Anshar Studios game, the player becomes one of these detectives.

In Gamedec, decisions are important, and the game world constantly adapts to them and to the hero, who changes as the story progresses. The consequences of choices made, like in “real” life, can be immediate, long-term, or hidden - the latter most often surfacing at unexpected moments. Regardless of the decisions made, however, the game always remains neutral towards them. It’s up to the player to evaluate them, bearing in mind the saying “you are the sum of your choices.”

The studio’s new game returns to the foundations of the RPG genre by adding Deduction, Codex, and Aspects mechanics to allow for complex discussions, as the players create or expose networks of intrigues and conspiracies, while discovering unusual relationships between virtual worlds. Gamedec’s paper-based RPG mechanics give players the freedom to approach things from multiple perspectives, rather than finding a single solution - the choice is ultimately theirs.

Gamedec is currently under development. The game is planned to be released in 2020.

Gamedec — Screenshot Gamedec — Screenshot Gamedec — Screenshot
Gamedec — Screenshot
Gamedec — Screenshot Gamedec — Screenshot Gamedec — Screenshot

What are your thoughts in Gamedec based on what has been revealed just before Gamescom? DO you think that we will get something a bit more concrete when the show finally comes around or will it just be this information for now? Will this flow as a traditional RPG from days past or will each portion have a different game feel to it all? Let us have what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more for Gamedec, we will add it all to the site for you. Just keep checking in for all of that and much more.