Walk Through More Of The Gameplay For Moons Of Madness

Moons Of Madness

A new edit of the Moons Of Madness gameplay from E3 is here to show off more of the horror Moons Of Madness has in the wings for us

Right after E3 we had a good look at some of the gameplay that was out there for Moons Of Madness and the horrors it could contain. It may have been a good look for some of you out there, but there was some commentary from Rock Pocket Games that played over the dialog and sound in that video. Some of you may have been pulled out of the immersion of Moons Of Madness due to this. For those who felt that way, we have another cut of the gameplay from the floor to place you back in the horror of the game and possibly dying on Mars due to some cosmic horrors. It is the same as it would be on Earth, but more likely to kill you…

While this new version does give us the raw audio from the game and what we may have missed in that vein when watching it before, it should be noted that there are chunks of the Moons Of Madness demo missing here too. It is hard to tell as there are some great cuts, but this twelve-minute video is only about a third of the gameplay we had to experience out there. Some of which built more of the atmosphere and showed off some of the more basic gameplay elements of Moons Of Madness. This new bit mainly dives into the horror and basics of the story. Just be sure to note all of that before thinking you are seeing what we all got to see on the floor. As I said, there was more atmosphere building and dread instead of jump scares in that version.

Moons Of Madness — 12 Minutes Of Gameplay

Stuck in a top-secret research facility on Mars, there is literally no escape from the horror that unfolds for player-character Shane Newehart when Moons Of Madness releases on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One this Halloween. Described as “Lovecraft in space”, the cosmic horror game was well-received during its’ showcasing at E3 earlier this year. Now developer Rock Pocket Games and publisher Funcom grant players a further glimpse into what they can expect from the highly anticipated game.

In Moons Of Madness you play Shane Newehart, a technician stationed at the Invictus, a secret research base built by the Orochi group. Your low-security clearance means you are completely unaware of the existence of a mysterious, intelligent signal that has been detected on the red planet. Your job is simply to keep the lights on until the transport ship Cyrano arrives bringing with it a new team to take over your duties. Soon you discover strange and unusual setbacks. Crucial systems are malfunctioning, the greenhouse is filled with a strange mist and the rest of your team have yet to return from their EVA mission. You begin seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. Visions, hallucinations – or is that even what it is? Is this real… or are you slowly descending into madness?

Moons Of Madness draws upon the rich lore and mythology of Funcom’s Secret World Legends. Both games exist in the same thematic universe, but playing one is not a prerequisite to enjoy the other.

How are you feeling about Moons Of Madness after getting to see more of the game without voice overs? Did you get a better feel for the game without the developer talking over it or do you think the missing portions would have helped? Does any of that matter and you are just ready for the game to hit you this Halloween? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more of the horror that is Moons Of Madness, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep it all flowing out to you as best as we can. Hopefully, we will get the full demo for everyone to see soon…