Samurai Shodown Brings Its Own New Sword Rack With Yoshitora

Samurai Shodown

The next character for Samurai Shodown is here with Yoshitora and we have a lot more weapons mixed into Samurai Shodown now

Here we go with the next character reveal for Samurai Shodown and it is another one from the franchise past. Yoshitora is back and swinging all of his blades in the game. At least trying to as having an extra four strapped to your back is not something easy to work with and fight with. It looks like a cool concept, but not too wieldy if SNK were to ask me. I guess that is why they did not ask me and went with their version of Samurai Shodown instead of mine. I guess we will find out soon when the game hits the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

You can see Yoshitora in action with the slight changes to the look here for Samurai Shodown just below, as you should have guessed by now. He does look to flow and move like many others who just use the same style of weapon in the game. I was kind of hoping to see a lot of weapon changes given the look we have here, but I was let down. Maybe that will be in the final game somehow, but I will not be holding my breath for now. It would be a cool mix-up for Samurai Shodown if that did happen. At least in my eyes. There we go with my eyes again and not the developers.

Samurai Shodown — Yoshitora

This heir to the Tokugawa shogunate carries seven swords, named after six lovers and himself. Despite his position (and sharp grasp of military strategy), Yoshitora cares little for politics, and would rather spend his time chasing life’s pleasures. Getting a grasp of his six phantasmagoric swords is nearly impossible, and only one person has ever seen him unsheathe his special long sword ‘Yoshitora’ and lived to tell the tale.

What are your thoughts on Yoshitora for this Samurai Shodown that we are getting? Were you hoping to see more of the weapon switching or will it always be cosmetic as one would guess? Who do you suspect will be the next character shown off for the game and will it be another new entry to the franchise? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we get more for Samurai Shodown, we will add it to the site. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that in short order.