The Seed Of Evil Is Spreading In Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

Mutant Year Zero

The date is set for the upcoming expansion for Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden and with it comes hours of new gameplay and a new stalker for Mutant Year Zero

We got our first look and note that Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden was getting its latest expansion sometime around now all the way back at GDC this year. It is also where we got the word that The Bearded Ladies were bringing the game over to the Switch so they could dominate there as well as on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All great news and we had very little to look at and know. Now we have a new update for Mutant Year Zero that places all of this to drop on July 30th, the same day the game hits the Switch, and just what we can expect in the expansion for the game. Gamers picked up the pass for it all at launch, so now is a good time to find out, I guess.

What we have here for Mutant Year Zero is an expansion titled Seed Of Evil. It aims to bring us some new maps to explore in the game's world along with some new story about plants taking over part of the wastes and replacing enemies with "pod people" versions of them. Oh, and we are getting another Stalker in the mix with Khan the Moose. Given how things go for Mutant Year Zero, I bet you can guess that he will be a half-man and half-moose hybrid. Good guess if you did not spy it down in the trailer already. Thankfully, he also looks to bring along a flamethrower weapon set. Something that should come in handy when the team heads back out and faces down all of these evil plants.

Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden — Expansion And New Character Revealed

Seed Of Evil, the expansion to Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden is coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on July 30th, 2019! Yep, that’s right Nintendo Switch-fans, that means the full game will also be released on Switch on July 30th.

The expansion will not only contain hours of additional gameplay, but there will also be new locations to visit and a brand new playable character, Khan the Moose!

What do you think about this new DLC for Mutant Year Zero and will it have you back in The Zone? Will there be more to Khan in the story or will he just be a badass plant killer that shows up just for this kind of mission? Will you be picking up the game on the Switch now that you know when to expect it or will it still stay on your other platform selected at launch? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more for Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden, we will add it all to the site for you. All you need to do is keep coming back to see it all.