Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Is Kicking Off In August So Tell Your Clan


The release date and window for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is laid out with a new trailer showing off how clans will play out in Ancestors

There is all kinds of cool news coming out for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey here today and one of the big bits has to be that we have a release date set. Well, at least for the PC gamers out there as the PS4 and Xbox One gamers will need to wait until December to experience what Panache Digital Games has put together. That is a bit away, but as I mentioned, PC gamers will be able to get their hands on Ancestors on August 27th. That would be a lot sooner than many would have expected but still a bit of good news for those wanting for the game.

In addition to that announcement, we also have a new gameplay video and tutorial of sorts for Ancestors to take in. This one having to do with how you will expand in the game. I am talking in terms of your clan and territory and not in a physical means. As it pans out, we will be playing a pseudo-leader of a clan in Ancestors, or as just a member of it depending on the option you go with. Just as is needed in the real world, we will need to track down missing members of our clan or bring in new ones so we can keep it going and flourishing as we would need to so it can propagate into what we know today.

This also means that we will always need to be expanding and moving in Ancestors, as the bigger the clan the more resources needed to keep them alive. When you mix that with the fact that said resources will diminish over time, it would behoove you and the clan to move camp to other locations in the world. Kind of like the survival simulator it looks like Panache Digital Games has been showing this to be. It is an interesting thing to look at and understand. You can do that just below with the latest 101 trailer for Ancestors that I have been mentioned thus far.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey — 101 Trailer EP2: Expand

To survive in the dangerous world of Neogene Africa, you must find strength in numbers as you expand your clan and territory. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is coming to PC on August 27th and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in December 2019.

EXPAND is the second video in our three-part 101 series where Creative Director Patrice Désilets discusses the need to grow your clan’s size in order to evolve your species. However, resources are limited and your clan will need to find new sources of food, water, and shelter to survive. Discover new homes for your clan by venturing into the unknown and conquer fear in order to expand your territory.

Did you suspect that Ancestors would have a sort of clan set up for us to take part in or were you going to be the sole hero of humanity in your play? Do you think that we will be able to destroy the ecosystem completely in areas with our clan or will it just be a bit of time between the regrowth in the game? Did you expect to see the game launch as soon as it is here or does it sound about right for the cycle we have seen? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments. When there is more to share for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, we will share it all here. Just keep coming back for those depleting updates.