Find Out How We Made It To The Point Of RAGE 2


The launch trailer for RAGE 2 is here and with it comes some time-bending fun and a deeper look at what will be going on in RAGE 2

We are now mere days away from the launch of RAGE 2 with May 14th literally around a weekend corner. Some of us, myself included, have been looking forward to this day for a while now even if many others have been shocked to hear that Bethesda went ahead with the title given the previous one's sales. It looks like that will not hold anything back when you have a team like Avalanche Studios and ID Software excited and working. Good thing too, as we have seen a whole lot and now we are back with the launch trailer for RAGE 2 to give us all a bit more before it hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC next week. So much more.

Before now, we have not had much in the way of the story for RAGE 2. The focus has generally been on the insanity of the game's world and fun we can have when we dive into it all. Sure, there have been teases here and there, but now we get to see just what is going on. At least if you can figure things out with the time-warping trailer here as it looks to start near the end and go back through the events of everything for RAGE. No, I did not drop off the number there on accident. This trailer gets its Momento on and tries to tell a bit of a story in reverse order, only to get carried away as we should expect from it all. Have a look and get ready for the game to launch next week.

RAGE 2 — Launch Trailer

RAGE 2 launches on May 14, but before it gets here, let’s roll back the clock to get you caught up with this launch trailer. Waaaaay back. All the way back to the first game and… beyond?

Are you completely ready for RAGE 2 to drop on us next week or did you need more time to get ready? Do you think that the core story could be using elements that we see here or is this just a clever way to market the game? Are you glad to finally see more of the story for the game or did you miss it given how everything flows in this trailer? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more for RAGE 2 before or after launch, we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that as we head onward and beyond the launch.