EA Access Is On Its Way To The PlayStation 4 This Summer

EA Access

EA Access will now be heading to the PS4 this July allowing gamers another way to subscribe to EA Access and all of the games it holds

In one of the least surprising moves recently, it looks like we will soon be seeing EA Access over on the PS4 for those who are looking to partake in the service that EA has been offering for a while. At least offering up for those gamers on the PC and Xbox One who wanted to take advantage of the service and experience many of the company's titles. Coming in July, PS4 owners will have the chance to throw down $4.99 USD a month to have the same access all of the other gamers out there have when this service goes live. Alternatively, you can drop $29.99 USD to have access for the whole year. You can do the math to see the savings you can have if you want to go that route.

All of this implies that we would rather use EA Access to play these titles instead of purchasing them directly or in physical forms. At least in the way of the more recent titles that are on there. Being a member of EA Access does grant you a slight discount when buying the full games, but are you truly saving if you are paying effectively the difference per month or year to get the discount? Not really. I am not here to judge though. I am here to just let you know that it will be another option for us all this coming July when the service hits the PS4 and fills out more of its platform BINGO card.

EA Access On PlayStation 4

Today, Electronic Arts Inc. announced that it is bringing EA Access to the PlayStation 4 system. Starting this July, players can sign-up for a monthly subscription (MSRP $4.99), or an annual subscription (MSRP $29.99) through PlayStation Store. With the addition of the PlayStation 4 console to the already existing membership services on Xbox One and PC via Origin, EA now offers its subscription services on more platforms than any other publisher.

Membership in EA Access lets players experience Play First Trials, where they can play up to 10 hours of most new EA games. Subscribers also enjoy a 10% discount on full game purchases, expansions, in-game items, and more. Additionally, players can jump into a growing library of EA games, including the best of EA with franchises like Battlefield, EA Sports FIFA, Star Wars Battlefront, and more.

Does it surprise you that EA Access will be jumping over to the PS4 now or was it something you saw coming for a while? Will you be dropping the extra cash to have access to it all or has EA lost your faith before now and will need to do something else to win you back? Are you truly getting any savings here or is it all a way to disguise how much you are truly spending at the end of the day? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. I am sure that we will hear more for EA Access in general and when we do, we will add it all to the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that.