The Dead And The Inter-Space

Dead Space

FULL ISSUE - Image Comics' 'Dead Space #1'

A while back there was talk about a comic for EA's awesome game Dead Space. To go along with the animated film and game and the animated shorts. All of which to add to the over all experience of the game. More back story. More build up of the world. All in the works to get you more immersed into the game.

Well today they released the first comic in the series online for all of our viewing pleasure. The full comic to boot. Link to that is below. I have yet to have the time to check it out so far, but it is on my night time read list. I can't get enough of this game. We'll see if this will help hold me over until I get distracted with something else. Maybe not. We'll see. Check it out.

It's that time of year again – and that means a return of the Newsarama/Image Comics tradition of showing full issues of a select group of Image Comics #1 issues. With our hearty thanks to Joe Keatinge, everyone at Image and the creators involved, let's get rolling. The following preview may contain some mature language and images.

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