Layers Of Fear 2 Is Set To Bring The Fear In May

Layers Of Fear

The release date for Layers Of Fear 2 is now set and we can be expected to play through the madness of Layers Of Fear again in May

This seems like an insanely fast turnaround as it looks like Layers Of Fear 2 will be hitting us all in May now. In fact, we are looking at May 28th for the game to hit us just after all of the hype that Bloober Team brought on during the last few events. None of the shocks here is to make it seem like Layers Of Fear 2 is not ready to drop, but it is a bit of a shock that they have it coming so fast. It almost feels like we had a teaser about an announcement not that long ago. Now here we are with the final news to get ready for. I will definitely take it and get myself ready for it all.

Sadly, at this point at least, there is not much else to go with for Layers Of Fear 2 beyond the date announcement. We did have a nice and long gameplay demo right out of PAX East to take in, so we will share that below in the instance you missed out on that. After watching it all again, I can see how the game would be ready for us all in just over a month. It just did not feel like it that long ago, but now I see it. Let all of the hype for Layers Of Fear 2 continue as we now have a rather short time to wait for the game to actually drop on us all. Happy days indeed.

Layers Of Fear 2 — Gameplay PAX East

Did you expect to see Layers Of Fear 2 drop on us this fast or is it just a shock to you too? Did you expect that based on the gameplay we had out of PAX East or did it feel like a small segment with a lot more to go on? Did you expect to need to wait until the Halloween season to actually get to play the game or does a late Spring/early Summer feel right? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Layers Of Fear 2, keep an eye on the site. We will keep all of the updates coming out there for you. You just need to be here to see them.