There Is Going To Be A Lot To Upgrade In RAGE 2


A new first look at RAGE 2 goes into all of the specifics and details we will be able to upgrade in RAGE 2 and how that will change things

There is no doubt that we are going to see a whole lot of upgrading in RAGE 2 as it really is the best way to keep us progressing through a crazy open world that the game is going to be set in. It is also a good way for Avalanche Studios to make sure we are not overpowered at the beginning of the game and need to get better along the way. You know, video games have to video game and RAGE 2 is no exception at all. Thankfully, now we get to see just a bit on how this is going to go down before May 14th when the game drops on us all. At least Bethesda is not going to make us wait on this.

As it should have been assumed, the progression in RAGE 2 looks and sounds just about as we could have expected. Each skill, weapon, and vehicle in the game have their own things to upgrade. Then it is all followed by other perks to unlock. All while using the in-game "currency" we have to gather up to do so. Not the most detailed or convoluted, but it is nice to have a little bit of a description on it all. You can spy just how RAGE 2 will be handling the upgrades just below in the latest video out there for the game. It truly is not all too shocking when all is said and done.

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Are you at all surprised at how basic this system will be in RAGE 2 or did you think it was going to be just the same level of crazy to master? Do you see yourself going towards a specific tree in the system or will you be a jack-of-all-trades in the end? Are you curious as to why we have this currency in the game or is it a good shift from just the usual XP we see in other games? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on RAGE 2, be sure to stick close to the site here. We will keep it all rolling out as we head on toward the release date.