Find Out Where Is In Your Mind With Fade To Silence

Fade To Silence

A new trailer for Fade To Silence is here to spark a few thoughts and get us ready for when Fade To Silence in just a few weeks

April 30th is not far off and we can all look to see Fade To Silence drop on us on that date. I hope you remembered that as it does fall in the middle of so many other games dropping, but I am sure that Black Forest Games has things set up to be able to grab the audience the game is made for. You should still be that audience if you clicked in to look into what is going on with Fade To Silence. This means you will be glad to know that THQ Nordic has also provided us all with a new trailer to take in to not only remind us of the game, but to get us further excited. Especially with the choice of music that we have with it.

Another interesting factor for this new trailer for Fade To Silence is the fact that it is taking a bit more of an emotional tone with it all than before. At least that is the case for me. Not only will we be surviving the horrors of the winter and creature within, but most likely a few more of the inner demons that survival games place on us. It could also just be a great piece of marketing in the middle of all of the other games coming out that have been on the quiet side of things. Nonetheless, I am more amped for Fade To Silence than I have been in a while and this is an extremely great thing. Have a look and see if it does the same for you.

Fade To Silence — Where Is My Mind

Dive into an emotional trailer including an eerie cover version of Pixies — ‘Where Is My Mind?’ and inviting the blizzard right into your living room!

Fight what you cannot flee, flee what you cannot fight. Fade To Silence will appear on PC, PS4, Xbox One on April 30th. Are you ready?

Fade To Silence takes players into a frozen, post-apocalyptic world where defying nature’s threats and enemies is key. A compelling mix of a puzzling story, a constant strife for resources, balancing short term needs versus your long term goals, and a tense, atmospheric mood makes this game a unique survival adventure.

  • Explore a vast winter landscape
  • Tense atmosphere and unforgiving gameplay
  • Wolf Sled Expeditions
  • Roam the world and experience the story at your own pace
  • Lead your followers and keep them alive

Are you ready to take on the wolf sled expeditions of Fade To Silence or is the game coming out in the middle of so many other titles you may miss out? Do you suspect that there will be a lot more emotion in the game than previously thought or is this just some great marketing for the game? What other parts of the game are you excited to see when it finally drops? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more for Fade To Silence to share, we will share it here. Just be certain to keep checking in to see all of that as we march onward in time.