Negative Atmosphere Reveals Gameplay That Shows Its Inspirations

Negative Atmosphere

Real-time gameplay for Negative Atmosphere was debuted at EGX REZZED that shows off how inspired Negative Atmosphere truly is

There has been a bit of news for Negative Atmosphere in the recent months as it is a new sci-fi horror game getting placed out there in the universe. Some have claimed that it looks like a few other games out there and Sun Scorched Studios has stated they have drawn inspirations from them. Now we are here out of EGX and we have some new gameplay to take in for Negative Atmosphere that shows off more of those inspirations and just how far the small team has brought the game so far. It is still early in development, so do not expect too much but it is still rather impressive at this point.

Below we have the gameplay that is out there for Negative Atmosphere. Before you say or think anything, yes, it does look a lot like Dead Space out there. Not in a bad way, but in a way that it feels like the team might be hit with a cease and desist notice as it looks like it could be a spiritual successor to the game. Even in this early form of it all, Negative Atmosphere looks like it has a lot of potential and could spark some new sci-fi horror in the world. I will totally take it all and hope that the team is able to bring it to a final form for us all. Have a look and see if you are in full agreement here.

Negative Atmosphere — Gameplay Reveal

This is 5 months worth of work, and all content is shown here is not representative of the final product and subject to change at any time.

This video is real-time gameplay footage of the EGX REZZED 2019 Demo, which was played by over 1500 people last week at EGX REZZED Tobacco Dock, London.

We hope you enjoy and remember, your survival is unlikely.

What do you think of Negative Atmosphere based on what we have to see here? Do you think that it looks a bit too close to the other title that it will be shut down or will it make it all the way to gold status? Do you think that they should try to make the game a bit more different from the inspirations or is this what all gamers want for now? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Negative Atmosphere, as we can find it, be sure to keep checking in here. I hope we have a lot more to share on the positive side of the game.