Layers Of Fear 2 Offers Up Some New Terrifying Experiences

Layers Of Fear

New gameplay for Layers Of Fear 2 offers up a new look at how we will be experiencing more than Layers Of Fear offered before

It is no surprise that Layers Of Fear 2 was on the floor during PAX East and it was accessible by many to try. There was a panel for it so it would seem a bit odd for Bloober Team to not want to show it off to the fans and media that we out there. It is one of those titles that grab your attentions and hold it until you pass out from anxiety. Just as the previous Layers Of Fear did. At least it did for many and we are on track for that to happen again. That is if the latest gameplay we have to offer is anything that gets the blood flowing for you.

What we have here is a look at the demo that was out there for Layers Of Fear 2 that takes us through some of the new locations and horror the franchise will offer. We are on a boat (a weird theme in horror this year it seems) and an actor with little bit of direction as to what is going on. This is a demo so I am sure that this is somewhere in the story without giving away specifics. The specifics it does give away are that we will see some new hallway bending in Layers Of Fear 2 that we did not have before and some other interesting tropes that horror uses to freak us out. I always loved the mannequins as a horror prop…

You can check out all of the Layers Of Fear 2 action just below and see just how pretty the game will look too. Even if it is hidden in shadows and red tint everywhere, you can see the extra craft that went in to add to the immersion of it all. I know I am excited to dive into Layers Of Fear again from just watching this.

Layers Of Fear 2 — Gameplay PAX East

New Layers Of Fear 2 Gameplay from the PAX East show floor! Aoife and Johnny checked out the new Layers Of Fear 2 demo while at PAX East this week, and it’s safe to say they frightened themselves just a tiny bit…

What do you think about Layers Of Fear 2 after seeing this new footage? Do you like the new slingshot hallways and interesting flips we get to see here? Do you think this will be too intense for you or just a bit more than the previous game for the masses? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will have more for Layers Of Fear 2 as we head onward, so be sure to stick close to the site for all of that. You do not want to miss any of the surprises.