Control Has A Bit Of New Gameplay To Show Off New Technologies


During GDC 2019, new gameplay for Control was shown to give us a look at the game as well as how Real-Time Ray Tracing will affect Control

Just as we all assumed at this point, GDC 2019 has already started off by giving us a look at some of the technologies coming to our video games and we get to see more for Control here. For this title we are seeing just how Remedy will be using some of the new Real-Time Ray Tracing for the game to make shadows look a bit crisper and the lighting feels a little more authentic. Among many other things too, but that is the main focus for this new video for Control by doing the usual gameplay with the settings turned on and then off at times. There is a bit more to it all though.

Even if you are not into seeing the new technology coming to your games, there is a new gameplay segment for Control to look at that shows off more of the combat in the game. Both on the shooting side of things as well as some of the supernatural power side of things. All of which you can take a look at below as words do not truly go into it well for what you get to see. Have a look below and see how pretty Control may look if you have a system that can run things as well as I am certain the demo machine was set up to do. If anything, you have some gameplay to look at as we wait for something a bit more substantial for the game.

Control — GeForce RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo

Check out this exclusive early WIP (work-in-progress) real-time ray tracing demo of Control on PC. Powered by GeForce RTX, part of the GDC 2019 showcase. In this video you can see examples of various real-time ray tracing techniques such as Ray Traced Indirect Diffuse, Ray Traced Indirect Specular and Ray Traced Contact Shadows.

What are you thinking about Control and the Ray Tracing we have to see here? Are you able to see vast differences here or do they still look a little on the basic side of things? How well do you think this will carry over to the various platforms the game is launching on? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we have more for Control, you know we are going to share it all. Just be sure to keep checking back in here for all of that as we march forward though time.