Things Are Getting Lit With The Latest Update For Hunt: Showdown


A new AI type is here for Hunt: Showdown as well as many other updates for Hunt as players wait for the Xbox One release

Earlier in the week we had word that Hunt: Showdown was heading over to the Xbox One for a bit of that Game Pass action so players can get a feel for where the game is before a full launch. Not huge news for those playing the PC version as Crytek has been pushing out updates and changes since it entered Early Access and is now pushing out its fifth major update to the game. By that I mean that we are on update 5.0 of Hunt: Showdown and not seeing just the fifth update to the game as there have been so many other minor and medium ones in between. This is not why we are here though as this new update does seem to house a nice new thing coming to the game.

In addition to all of the usual tweaks and changes coming with this update, this one brings in a new AI type for Hunt: Showdown by the way of the Immolator enemy. You most likely can guess from the name that it has something to do with fire and setting things on fire. It also brings with it something that has not been seen in the game as of yet and that is that the creature will lay in wait until something is near and triggers it to life. At that point, it will cause all of the chaos and hell that we could expect for something with that name and leave flames in its wake around the maps of Hunt: Showdown. You can see it in action just below in the latest trailer for the game.

Hunt: Showdown — Immolator Gameplay

The Hunt: Showdown team is delighted to let loose their new AI creature: the Immolator. Its highly destructive and volatile behaviors are highlighted in the Immolator’s new gameplay trailer. Meanwhile, today’s Update 5.0 brings all times of day to both maps and enables Quickplay on Lawson Delta. Also new to the game is the Bornheim No. 3, the latest addition to the game’s compact pistol family.

Players can learn more about how the team made the Immolator AI in a recent blog post featuring three members of the dev team. In short, it is a new AI class, designed to create chaos around any movement that it senses nearby. The Bornheim No. 3 is a semi-automatic pistol that uses compact ammo, has a high rate of fire, and benefits from the use of the Bulletgrubber trait. As for expanded lighting options, players can now hunt in Daylight, Nighttime, Golden, and Foggy on both the Lawson Delta Map and Stillwater Bayou.

Every update has its big highlights, but 5.0 also contains quite a few smaller changes aimed at improving the overall experience for as many players as possible. To that end, Update 5.0 includes boss and AI movement and balancing changes, a long list of audio updates and fixes, Quickplay adjustments, performance upgrades, and many other items.

Also part of the bigger updates for Hunt here is a new weapon, The Bornheim No. 3. This is a new semi-automatic pistol that uses compact ammo and has a high rate of fire. We will also be able to set the time of day for the match in both maps now at the start. Now we can choose between Day, Night, Golden, and Fog when we head out for the main prizes. Each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages in Hunt: Showdown in general. Players of the game know this well already. Just know it will now be a full option to take to heart.

What are your thoughts on this new AI coming to Hunt: Showdown and will it cause as much hell as the trailer suggests? How long do you think the fires will persist and can we use it to do other things against our opponents? What other updates are you looking forward to in the game here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Hunt: Showdown and its other cool features, keep checking in here. We will keep you as up to date as we can on all of it.