Ashes Of Oahu Rises Out Of The Formerly Named Nightmarchers

Ashes Of Oahu

Ashes Of Oahu is the new name and game that built on Nightmarchers and we will get to see Ashes Of Oahu sometime this Spring

About this time last year, we caught wind that a title called Nightmarchers failed to get funded through FIG but the team was going to keep working on it to bring it to market. That team being Wyrmbyte and that promise coming to light as we have the announcement of Ashes Of Oahu on its way this Spring. This would be the same game with some changes to fit with what they were aiming for as well as to make sure cultures were respected. Ashes Of Oahu, as it will be called from now on, was poised to dive into some of the Hawaiian culture and it still will just with considerations. Nothing too glaring for those worried, but something that the true natives find respectful as well.

You may or may not care about that and just want to know what Ashes Of Oahu is all about now. Well, it is about the same as before as we will be taking on the protagonist role in a post-apocalyptic Hawaii where the islands have been taken over by different factions and you also have been imbued with the powers from the gods. All so you can free the islands and bring things back to normal for all and get any of the 100+ different endings Ashes Of Oahu will house. That sounds a bit crazy and I am ready to see it all in action here. Have a look at the latest for the game and get ready for it to drop on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One in the near future. At least the platforms are assumed based on what was listed before the name change.

Ashes Of Oahu — Introduction

Independent studio Wyrmbyte is excited to announce that Ashes Of Oahu, or the game formerly known as Nightmarchers, is headed for an Spring 2019 release. The game is inspired by the unique stories, traditions, and beliefs of the Hawaiian Islands and is primed to provide players with an experience unlike any other they’ve seen before. Ashes Of Oahu is an open world, a story-driven shooter where you work with or against the surviving factions of a post-apocalyptic Hawaii.

In the months since Wyrmbyte’s open world, post-apocalyptic RPG shooter hybrid was originally announced, the developers have been hard at work revamping the game to provide the best possible open world adventure for players. Wyrmbyte has taken feedback from native Hawaiians to heart, and the name change to Ashes Of Oahu and the removal of any real gods names from the game ensures that the developer offers a faithful but respectful Hawaiian experience.

Some of the new and updated features of Ashes Of Oahu include:

  • Four distinct factions to work for…or against!
  • Over 75,000 lines create a massive and engaging narrative
  • Choices truly matter and can lead to any one of over 100 different endings!
  • Guns take on new and amazing powers thanks to the Magical Weapon Mod System
  • Play your way by unlocking 50+ skills and abilities
  • Inspired by native Hawaiian stories, traditions, and beliefs but with a unique fictional twist that brings in ghosts, raiders, and gods
  • 25 sq/km of beautiful locations throughout Oahu, Hawaii

When the game launches in the Spring of 2019, players will find a completely retooled art style that is more akin to a 3D comic book that better represents the fictional nature of the story. Additionally, the world has become more dense and compact, while still remaining massive at roughly 25 square kilometers in size. More content, more weapons, more stories to experience. Plus, the team has been hard at work on all-new character models and many other graphical improvements.

Are you glad to see that Nightmarchers is coming back as Ashes Of Oahu here? Did you expect the team to be able to get the game truly flowing after it failed to get funding last year or did you always have faith they would do it? Do you expect all of the different endings to truly be different or will they only be minor changes to each and not drastically different each time? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Ashes Of Oahu, be sure to stick close to the site. Now that we know it is coming back, we will cover it just as well as we did before.