Have A New Breakdown Of The Supernatural Abilities Of Control


A new deep dive into the abilities of Control is out there where we get to see the different abilities and powers we will wield in Control

We finally have some new updates for Control to look at and this one goes all in on the abilities and powers we will get to use in the game. Not that we did not have a clue what we would be seeing from Remedy in this form as we have seen all of the telekinetic abilities and the gun in past trailers. Now we get to find out that there is a bit more to it all than we previously thought. It still boils down to two main things in Control in this form, but we have the chance to see how we will be able to use them all in the game. That is at least handy to know and see.

To break it down, it looks like we will get to focus on the gun and telekinesis of Control to keep us all going. The gun can changes shapes and form different weapons in the game. Nothing too knew there. The telekinesis will allow Jesse to do quite a few other things but still about what you can expect. There is a push and a pull power, a shield power that surrounds her in all kinds of things from around the area, a dash to move out of the way quickly, and the levitate we have seen many times already for Control. All of which can be linked together and used together and that is pretty cool. You can see it all in motion down below in the latest video.

Control — Every Supernatural Ability

In our latest exclusive feature, Control’s game director Mikael Kasurinen sits down with Game Informer for a beat by beat breakdown of every ability the protagonist Jesse Faden will learn throughout the game.

Did you expect to see many different things in Control or was this about what you expected at this point? Do you suspect there will be other things we can do in the game or will it still be these when the game finally launches? How many different things do you think the gun will be able to change into in the game? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more videos and updates on Control, keep coming back here. We will keep them all flowing out there to you as fast as we can. Even if it is secondhand sometimes…