Take A Trip Behind The Scenes For Conan Unconquered


A new video for Conan Unconquered is here to take us behind the development process and give us our first gameplay look at Conan Unconquered too

We have had some nice teases and mentions of Conan Unconquered before now and since its announcement but now it is time to have a bit of a good look at the game itself. Well, at least in a little bit of the case as we have another video from Petroglyph Games taking us behind the scenes of the studio here in Vegas with some of the game mixed in. Just like the many other videos like this out there. All to get us more excited for Conan Unconquered and see just how they are using their proven skills to bring survival to the RTS genre set in this dark and brutal setting. At least all in the Alpha form of it all.

I will say that I am still on the fence for Conan Unconquered as it looks like a basic RTS game with a bit of the franchise skin slapped on. This is all due to the very little bit of the game we have seen so far and I am sure that we will see more before its Q2 release this year. That is as long as they are able to make the mark and get it out on time. I have faith and Conan Unconquered looks like it could have potential but we will need to wait until we get a better look at the actual game to pass final judgment. I do hope that will not be too far out.

Conan Unconquered — What Is Conan Unconquered?

At the very end of last year, Funcom announced that it has teamed up with the veterans at Petroglyph to create the first-ever strategy game set in the savage world of Conan the Barbarian. Conan Unconquered is set to release in Q2 2019 and is being developed by Petroglyph and published by Funcom. Petroglyph is made up of long-time veterans of the strategy genre that have been lead developers on classics such as Dune II and Command & Conquer.

Today, Funcom is excited to release a brand-new video that offers the very first glimpse at gameplay from a recent Alpha build. In the video, viewers get taken behind the scenes at Petroglyph’s studio in Las Vegas and several of the veterans on the team offer insight into the game and its development.

What are your thoughts on Conan Unconquered as it all stands here? Do you see it being more than a basic RTS game with a new skin on it or will it be so much more as we know the developer can do? Have you already passed judgment on this game based on the little we have so far or are you waiting as I am? Join the conversation down below and let us know. I will be keeping an eye out for more on Conan Unconquered and will bring it here when I find it. Please keep checking in for any and all of that as it flows out there.