American Ninja Warrior Challenge Will Bring The Classic Obstacles To Us All

American Ninja Warrior

New details for American Ninja Warrior Challenge are here and they are all about the classic American Ninja Warrior obstacles showing up in the game

There are new details for the upcoming American Ninja Warrior Challenge game that GameMill Entertainment is placing out there on the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. First, yes, we are getting this game and it was announced a few weeks back. It is coming out on March 19th if you are down to just pre-order the game at this point. If you would like to know a bit more for American Ninja Warrior Challenge before making that commitment, then we also have you covered. It seems like all of this should have dropped at the same time, but here we go with it all.

To start things off, you can see the announcement trailer for American Ninja Warrior Challenge just below and it looks like a toon version of the franchise for us to enjoy. We will get to craft our own contestants and our own courses in the game. All so we can try to be the best at QTEs and managing a stamina bar along the way. We also have word, now, on a few of the 20+ obstacles we will get to play within our American Ninja Warrior courses. They are about everything you have seen in the show, so do not get too excited to see anything you have yet to see thus far. Not knocking it at all, but it seems like all of this should be assumed for the game.

American Ninja Warrior Challenge — Announce Trailer

Features Include:

Players can choose from a variety of features, gear and more to create their own athlete.

Unlock new costumes while advancing through Career Mode.

Train in the Gym to strengthen stats to ensure victory on the course.

Compete through multiple rounds in order to make it to the National Finals in Las Vegas, collecting various achievements along the way.

American Ninja Warrior Challenge — Obstacles

Tackle more than 20 obstacles inspired by the American Ninja Warrior television show, including:

  • Salmon Ladder: Perform a perfect sequence to climb the ladder; as athletes progress, their stamina will decrease.
  • Warped Wall: Quickly run and jump at the optimal moment in order to pull athletes over the iconic American Ninja Warrior warped wall.
  • Floating Steps: Jump from one step to the next, maintaining momentum and balance, to reach the rope and swing athletes to the platform.
  • Broken Bridge: Perform well-timed footwork to keep athletes from falling; the higher your stats, the better the chances of making it through this obstacle.
  • Ultimate Cliffhanger: Athletes must power themselves across gaps to snag the ledge.
  • Rope Climb: The classic gym class rope climb but taken to Ninja Warrior level. Alternate hands and legs in perfect rhythm to climb the rope to the top.

Create combinations of challenging obstacles by using the Course Creator.

Raise the roof, break dance and air guitar! Choose from a variety of fun Celebration emotes to increase stamina.

Single player or couch multi-player lets everyone join in!

What do you think about American Ninja Warrior getting a new game for us all to play at this point or is this something you have been hoping for? Do you think we will get some new obstacles that will only work in video game form or will they all be based on the shows? How do you think the actual gameplay will function or will it be QTEs with basic management mixed in as we assumed? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we have more to share for American Ninja Warrior Challenge, we will share it all here. Just stick close to the site for all of those updates.