Rhythm Games & VR Are Getting Another Go As Audica Is Announced


A new VR rhythm shooter, Audica, is announced that will mix in all of those elements to see if Audica will be the one rhythm game to rule them all

Just when you think you have heard the last from Harmonix, they come back with another punch to us all as they are now bringing us a title called Audica. From the name of the game and the company alone, you should have already guessed it will be another Rhythm game in their library. You would be completely correct there. What you may have missed on, though, would be that Audica will also be a shooter of sorts as well as a new VR title. Yes, a rhythm shooter all set in a VR environment that looks to work well with a mixed reality setup. There are so many things going on there that it may take a bit to process.

Now that you are in the know and had a brief moment to think about it all, we can dive into Audica just a bit more. As you can see in the following trailer, we will be shooting different targets in the game world using two different color guns. Some of these will be rapid fire and others will be more of a long laser shot. All of which will be timed to the music in the game and come with some amazing visual effects as well. Audica would not be a Harmonix game without any of that. That and a nicely filled soundtrack that is boasted to have more than 25 songs at launch from the developer and other artists out there.

If all of that sounds like your jam, and you did not just jump down to watch the trailer first, then you will be glad to find out here that Audica will be hitting an Early Access phase for Steam VR and Oculus on March 7th for $19.99. We will only be able to have a small sampling of the game's songs during that phase of the game, but you can see the starting list of songs just below. I am sure the rest will be given out over time as we head toward when Audica will leave Early Access and release some time in 2019. That would be their current goal as of this writing.

Audica — Mixed Reality Announce Trailer

Armed with a pair of rhythm blasters, players step into Audica’s mesmerizing cosmic arena and shoot and smash targets to the beat of a hand-authored song. A flawless run with precise timing, accuracy and form will earn players one of the coveted spots on Audica’s global leaderboards.

With an electronic soundtrack that features tracks from household names, up-and-comers and, Harmonix originals, Audica maintains Harmonix’s reputation for delivering genre-defining soundtracks. Audica will feature 10 playable songs with four difficulties each when it debuts in Early Access on March 7 and will launch for full commercial release with a 25+ song soundtrack later this year. The first songs confirmed to be on the Audica soundtrack are:

Over the course of Early Access, players will have the opportunity to shape Audica’s development including song selection, authoring and the development of new features and mechanics. Audica is expected to exit Early Access this fall.

Did you expect to see a game like Audica come out here from the team or does it feel like they are trying to ride a VR Rhythm high that select other games have given us as of late? Do you think that we will see a full range of songs along the way or will they all stick to the same genre for the most part? How quickly do you think the modding community will act to mix in all of the other songs they want into this game? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. I know I cannot wait to learn more about Audica and when we do, we will have all the updates for you. Just be sure to stick around here for all of that.