Love Is In The Air In The Midst Of The Gloom Of Days Gone

Days Gone

See how the unlikely couple of Days Gone tied the knot and how that could potentially shape the world and events of Days Gone in the long run

There has been a bit of hype out there recently for Days Gone with a big tease pointed toward a wedding event between the protagonist and his love. Real-world invites went out to select members of the press and then there was a new webpage thrown up for the rest to RSVP for the Deacon St. John and Sarah Whitaker wedding. Now we can see what all the hype was for; outside of it most likely being a demo day for media out there by Bend Studio. We all have a nice new trailer for Days Gone to take in and build further excitement for the April 26th release date on the PS4.

Well, not so much hype, but a new look at some of the events in Days Gone and how they will add to the story. This all looks to be a pre-fall memory that Deacon has when he arrives back at the burnt shell of the church the wedding took place at. All before a roving biker gang and Freakers ambush him. All of which looks to be in-game footage but more in the cut scene style and not someone being the controller. I have no issue with that at all. Especially as it does look like there will be some other deeper stories to Days Gone than the normal things we get in zombie apocalypse games.

Days Gone — Sarah & Deacon’s Wedding

Deacon St. John and Sarah Whitaker were an unlikely couple: He was from rural Oregon, a member of an outlaw motorcycle club; she was from Seattle, a botanist with a degree in biochemistry. But from the moment they met, on the back roads of Farewell Oregon, they were inseparable.

Now they’re ready to ride off into the sunset and face the next chapter of life together as man and wife.

Did you get overhyped for what was going to happen today or was this what you expected out of Days Gone after all of that? Do you think we are going to get to see Sarah in the game or will she be in just some of the flashback scenes of the game and nothing more? Do you think any of this was actual gameplay or was it all in-engine footage with nothing more? Let us have those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. As we have more for Days Gone, we will update the site here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and more along the way.