Dante, Nero, & V Jump Into Action With New Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay

Devil May Cry

A recent event for Devil May Cry 5 has offered up a new look at the new and old characters in action for this upcoming Devil May Cry title

If you are like me then you are waiting for even more to look at for Devil May Cry 5 to further expand what we had in the demo as well as what to expect in the final game when it hits on March 8th. There is so much going on with it and then three different characters we are going to be playing as, that it feels like we should have much more for the game by now. That or at least some big event to show off Devil May Cry 5 with a feeling for how each character will play. I guess, ask and we shall be rewarded as Capcom did hold something of this for other outlets out there and now we have new footage to take in and see just how Dante, Nero, and V could control in the game.

You have most likely just skipped down to the video here, but for those who did not, what we have is a nice little split of character gameplay across this Devil May Cry title. We get to see Dante with his various fighting styles in action trying to get those coveted SSS ranks in style. There is also a look at how the Devil Breakers will function here with Nero. Even if we do not get to see how it plays once they are all used up and/or broken along the way. That does happen. Then there is the newcomer, V, to Devil May Cry 5 and how he will be controlling and comboing off his shadow creatures instead of heading into the fray himself. It is an interesting concept for a game of this style.

It can be seen here a bit, but each of the new shadow creatures V controls in DMC5 have their own basic combos and can be linked together in ways. Their attacks are mapped to two different buttons on the controller and will need your full attention to command and master, but it is something that will add a nice mix up to the traditional Devil May Cry combat. Also, they will not be able to actually kill any of the enemies on the screen, but will weaken them so V can swoop in for a killing blow. It will be the only way to fully get rid of the enemies with this character thus adding another thing to make sure you keep an eye on in Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 — 9 Minutes Of Dante, Nero, And V In Action

We got our hands on the Devil May Cry 5 preview and had fun playing through it’s three main characters. Here's all of them in some wild action.

Which of the characters are you most interested in playing within Devil May Cry 5 here? Do you think that it will be difficult to handle V and his summoned creatures or will it flow nicely once we are shown the basics? How well do you think a one-armed Nero will function in the game or will you always be trying to save the Devil Breakers for fights that will lead to an end of a mission? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we learn more for Devil May Cry 5, we will share it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in.