Metro Exodus Winds Down With One More “Making Of” Video


The final “Making Of” video for Metro Exodus is here to walk us through what the team went through to get this new Metro experience out to us all

This is the week and we will all be seeing Metro Exodus out there on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Friday (2/15) as the wait ends. I do hope that you have made sure you are ready for the game here as it is a deviation from what we know before from the franchise, but it is the game that 4A Games wanted to make and what they believe we are looking for. I have faith in it based on what I have played in the past. For those not lucky enough to have that experience with Metro Exodus, though, you may still be wondering why things are the way they are. That is why we are back again with another behind the scenes style video to break it all down and mix in a few new scenes for the game just before launch.

You may have seen the other two videos before now as they have been flowing out there fairly regularly to get the hype up for Metro Exodus, but this one is more of a post mortem style video with the teams talking about the choices they took when designing and how the process flowed in the day to day. It is still weird for me to see that gamers do not truly know what goes into something that they love and experience for days and weeks of their lives. That is also why I like to bring these kinds of videos to you all so you can have a deeper appreciation for it all. As I said, if that is not your jam, you can see a bit more of Metro Exodus in action mixed in too.

Metro Exodus — “The Making Of” Episode Three

The final addition to a three part documentary series filmed on location in Kiev and Malta at 4A Games’ two studios as they put the finishing touches on the upcoming Metro Exodus.

Featuring interviews with key personnel at 4A Games, archive footage and photos, and never-seen-before materials from the 5 year development of Metro Exodus from the earliest concept stage, this series takes fans to the heart of the creative process behind 4A Games’ most ambitious project to date.

In Episode Three, 4A Games reflect on their experience of seeing all the constituent parts of Metro Exodus finally piece together, and the camaraderie that comes from completing such a vast project as a team. We also hear from 4A Games’ Creative Director Andrew ‘Prof’ Prokhorov, speaking with pride for his ‘Spartans’ as they worked to complete the game without him during his recovery from the stroke he suffered during the final months of development.

How has the wait been for you when it comes to Metro Exodus and are you fully ready? Do you enjoy seeing how your games are made or do you normally skip these kinds of videos even when there is new footage mixed in? Do you find a new appreciation for your games when you see how they are made? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. We will have more for Metro Exodus here soon. Be sure to keep checking in to see all of that and get further excited to experience the game for yourself.